6 Chic Little Things to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

There are lots of apps and websites out there that you can use to post your wish list, not just for the holidays but for other occasions as well like birthdays and anniversaries. Pinterest for example, lets you create boards where you can “pin” things from all over the web that you like and then you can share them on your Facebook and Twitter page for your family and friends to see. Subtle but effective. Now, if you’re a fashion lover like me, you might be wishing for all things fashion and style-related this Christmas. To help you complete your lineup, check out these chic little things to add to your Christmas wishlist this year that won’t intimidate gift-givers.

  • PERSONALIZED JEWELRY – whether it’s an ID bar necklace or a monogram pendant, personalized jewelry is sure to make anyone happy. They don’t have to be from Cartier or some other fancy jewelers. These can be found on a lot of places online like Etsy and Bauble Bar. These are perfect, whether as stocking fillers or as main gifts. They’re chic, they’re fab and they’re totally you.

personalized gold disc pendant

personalized monogram necklace statement boho jewelry statement boho jewelry

  • GIRLY GADGET CASE – protecting your gadgets like your phone and your tablet should always be a priority and while you’re at it, why not do it in style? Today, gadget cases come in all colors, prints, patterns and designs. There are really plain and simple ones with minimal design details and there are those that are super ornate as well. These can be bought from just about anywhere including your favorite designer brand stores like Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

cute cath kidston ipad case cute daisy phone case cute phone case

  • STATEMENT JEWELRY – you can never have too many of these so if you don’t want to give your gift-giver a hard time, you can hint at them to just get you statement jewelry instead. These are perfect for dressing up plain and simple looks and making them pop.

statement boho jewelry statement chunky jewelry statement necklace in dusty rose statement necklaces

  • MINI SLING OR CLUTCH – if you’re the type who doesn’t like carrying around a huge tote all the time, you should definitely include a mini clutch in your Christmas wishlist this year. A good mini clutch should be able to fit your basic essentials like your phone, cash, card and keys.

mini chanel sling mini leather sling mini purple sling mini tory burch clutch

  • DRESSY HEADPHONES – isn’t it funny how even the most basic things like headphones have become a fashion accessory? Gone are the days when headphones came only in basic colors and bulky designs. Today, headphones are considered additional accessories with lots of them being designed to look more like jewelry than actual headphones.

dressy gold headset dressy headphones dressy headset colorful dressy pearl head phones

  • STYLISH SCARF – they’re not too expensive yet they’re super stylish and super functional, too! Add a scarf to your Christmas wishlist. Even when you get more than one, you just know they’ll be put to good use.

stylish houndstooth scarf stylish plaid scarf stylish scarf outfit

When creating a wish list that you intend for your family and friends to see, try to leave links of where they can find the items you posted. This will make shopping for you easier for them.

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