6 Chic Alternatives to Traditional Work Pants

If you’re working in a creative or casual office, these 6 chic alternatives can add some trendy and comfy vibe to your office looks. Yes, you can wear an elastic waistband at the office. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks to wear them.

  1. Joggers

jogger pants with chic top

jogger pants with printed top joggers with white jacket

When choosing joggers or sweatpants for your office outfit, choose woven fabrics in wool and silk over cotton, and stay away from knits, jersey, and terrycloth as they’re too casual. To keep the polished and sleek style, stick to pants that have cuffed hems, instead of slouchy hems. If there is a visible drawstring on the front of the pants, make sure you keep it hidden under a blouse or sweater for a more polished look.

  1. Wide Leg Pants

wide leg pants with chic coat wide leg pants with structured coat wide leg pants with fur vest

Wide-leg trousers, especially in denim, scream retro and bohemian styles, so keep them in black, navy, or white shades. Camel and brown shades will make them look more carefree than classic, so better keep the earthy palette on your casual weekends. Add some structure with a boxy coat or jacket and avoid wearing them with loose and slouchy sweaters.

  1. Leather Trousers

leather trousers with band jacket trench coat with leather trousers leather trousers with trench coat and sweater

The trick to getting leather pants to work at the office is making sure they are neither too tight nor too shiny. Leather pants with front closures generally look more professional than pull-on styles with a lot of stretch and no closure. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your creative office looks more creative by wearing your leather pants with a chic blouse and band blazer. Or, simply team the leather trousers with a classic trench coat to balance its edgy vibe,

  1. Black or White Skinny Jeans

black skinny jeans with creative shirt white jeans with structured coat military coat with black skinny jeans

Wearing blue jeans may be acceptable in a casual office, but to make your office looks a bit professional, stick to white or black skinny jeans without any rips, tears, or fades. Wearing your jeans with a classic button-down shirt or a structured coat can be great to add some classy vibe to your office looks.

  1. Jumpsuits

blue jumpsuit with office blazer pinstripe jumpsuit wirh office blazer khaki jumpsuit with lace up sandals

When selecting jumpsuits, look for tailored silhouettes that skim your body as too tight or too loose will make you a bit out of place. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may go for pinstripe jumpsuit that looks more corporate over floral print ones. If the jumpsuit is low-cut, layer a camisole underneath. If it is sleeveless, add a blazer. Even if it’s not sleeveless, a blazer is a great way to add a little more structure and seriousness to any jumpsuit.

  1. Culottes

striped off shoulder top with culottes culottes with lace blouse culottes with chiffon blouse

Working in a creative workplace allows you to experiment. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of a pair of white culottes that will look perfectly classy with a chic lace blouse or chiffon top. This way, you’ll keep the professionalism in mind regardless how comfortable your outfits are.

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