6 Charming Ways to Wear Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have always been a staple in every stylish woman’s closet come spring. These lovely hues are the perfect colors to start off spring with because they’re fresh, chic, and light and easy on the eyes – exactly what you want your spring outfits to be. If you’re curious about how you can incorporate them into your spring outfits, check out these charming ways to wear pastel colors for spring.

  1. With a hint of vintage – pastel colors are perfect for achieving that vintage, shabby chic vibe. Look for pieces that have retro-ish pastel prints on them or scout for vintage-style clothing in pastel colors. You’ll want your pastel colored piece to have details like lacey Peter Pan collars, ruffles, high waist cut, and the like to really complete the look.vintage themed outfit with pastel colors
    vintage outfit pastel purple
  2. Pastel outerwear – another really easy way to wear pastels this spring is to top off your outfit with pastel colored outerwear. Adding a pastel blazer might just be what you need to lighten up your office outfit and a pastel colored cardigan is the perfect addition to an easy, breezy, casual spring look.outerwear in pastel blush pink outerwear in pastel blue
  3. Pastel on pastel – if you’ve always been the type of fashionista to embrace her girly side, I’m sure you’re excited about being able to wear pastel colors again, especially after having to wear darker colors from the past season. If you want to go all out on the girly and cute look, how about doing a pastel on pastel combo? It’s a really sweet look that you should really try outpastel on pastel outfit pastel on pastel
  4. Brights and pastels – if you find pastels to be a little tame for your style, you can always liven it up by wearing it with brighter colors and more vibrant hues. Doing this creates a beautiful balance in your outfit that will allow you to wear a ton of colors without going overboard.bright and pastel colors bright neon colors and pastels
  5. With neutrals – pairing your pastels with neutral colors is the safest way to go if you’re not sure you can pull off going all out just yet. I find that gray and white are great neutral colors to pair up pastels with, especially if you want to keep that soft, dainty look.neutral white shirt and pastel pants neutrals and pastels
  6. On accessories – still intimidated by pastel colors? Perhaps you should start small by wearing pastel colored accessories before jumping on to bigger pieces. This will help you get comfortable with wearing them, especially if it’s your first time. It’s also great for those looking for subtler ways to add pastels to their spring look.accessories in pastel colors accessorized outfit with pastel colored belt


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