6 Bold Monochromatic Looks that You Need to Try

A lot of people find monochromatic looks boring and unappealing, but I always think otherwise. I think one of the reasons why many people don’t like going monochromatic with their outfits is because wearing the same color from head to toe is a little overwhelming and just too much in general. If  you’re still looking to rock a monochromatic look, though, here are some bold ones that you might want to try.


  1. Army Femme – you know that mixing up something with a very masculine vibe with another with a flirty, feminine appeal is the best way to get an outfit that’s sure to turn heads. For this monochromatic look, we’re combining flirty femme feels with rough and rugged army colors. This look is just what we need to inspire us to try out a monochromatic look.femme army look
    femme army
  2. Fun with prints – if you’ve always viewed monochromatic looks as yet another boring way to wear color, then this outfit inspiration is for you. Make your monochromatic outfit more fun and more lively by opting for a set with cute and interesting prints on them. This will definitely take that boring vibe away from your ensemble, leaving you with nothing but pure chicness.monochromatic and printed monochromatic outfit with prints
  3. Pretty in purple – planning on wearing a monochromatic look for your last winter hurrah? This purple ensemble might just be the inspiration that you need to piece together that look. It’s girly, but not too overpoweringly so, and it’s very chic and sophisticated too.pretty in purple
  4. Texture takeover – I always say that one of the keys to making sure that your monochromatic outfit doesn’t end up looking like a boring blob of color is to mix up the textures by wearing different kinds of fabrics and this gorgeous outfit is proof that the trick works.texture takeover
  5. Total tealness – not a lot of people are going to be brave enough to wear teal from head to toe, but in case you’re feeling adventurous and you want to give this look a try, this outfit inspiration photo might just be the push that you need to do so.total tealness
  6. Yes to yellow – another color that seems a little to overwhelming to pull off from head to toe is yellow but, these pictures are making us reconsider our decision of staying away from this bold hue. If you’re a scared that bright sunshine yellow might be a little too much, you can always tone the look down by opting for more muted hues of the color.yes to yellow romper yes to yellow

Here are more monochromatic looks to inspire your next outfit:

marsala madness space gray utilitarian chic


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