6 Best French Beauty Brands You Can Afford

When it comes to beauty products, French brands are highly acclaimed because they are very effective in whatever they are meant to do and they deliver the results that one would expect after using them. Of course, there are lots of other brands originating from other countries that do the same, but nothing really beats French brands, especially in the beauty department. The thing that scares most of us about French brands, though, is that they can be pretty expensive. Here are some of the best French beauty brands that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Klorane – if you’ve ever wondered who to thank for the gift of dry shampoo to mankind, it’s Klorane. This French brand gave us what basically is every lazy girl’s gift from heaven up above and, not very surprisingly, they’re still the top brand for dry shampoo.klorane-dry-shampoo
  2. L’Occitane – L’Occitane is a pretty popular French brand, and if you’re looking for one that you can easily get a hold of without having to order online overseas, this is something you will love. All their products, from skincare to soaps, perfumes, and hair care, work so well. As an added bonus, every single product from this French beauty brand smells heavenly!loccitane-body-care loccitane-honey-and-citron
  3. Avene – one way to tell if a brand is really good is to check out reviews from other people who have used their products, and looking at Avene’s reviews from various blogs and even on Amazon, you can say that this brand is pretty amazing. Their Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray, in particular, is something every woman is guaranteed to love.avene-for-sensitive-skin
  4. Nuxe – while slightly more expensive compared to other French brands, Nuxe is still quite affordable considering how well their products work. Their skincare and bodycare products are just what you would need to create your own spa at home.nuxe-oil nuxe-cream-skincare
  5. Caudalie – look up Caudalie on Youtube and you’ll find a ton of beauty gurus raving about it in their monthly favorites. This French beauty brand is something that even professional makeup artists and pro makeup enthusiasts swear by so you just know it’s fantastic.yves-rocher-beauty-flatlay caudalie-spray
  6. Yves Rocher – I’ve saved the best for last and that is the French brand Yves Rocher. You may have heard about it; after all, it is one of the most popular French beauty brands, not only in France but in different parts of the world too. Stepping into an Yves Rocher store, you will definitely feel like a kid in a candy shop. Everything is here: from makeup to skincare, haircare, and other beauty products you could think of! What’s more is that they always have these cool promotions going on that will really give you the best bang for your buck!yves-rocher-organic-beauty yves-rocher-beauty-flatlay


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