6 Bella Hadid Style Tips and Tricks

Bella Hadid was once known as Gigi’s sister, but now, the fashion maven has made a name for herself. Like her model sis, the Bella Hadid style is something most women aspire for. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you achieve the trendy lady’s fashion style.

Black is Beautiful

Black might be basic, but it’s a timeless color that goes with basically everything. If you want to achieve the rocker chic Bella Hadid style, then go for an outfit that incorporates black items and what not. It can slim you down right away as well!

black dress

black top

Layer thy Crop

The Bella Hadid style philosophy is all about looking sexy – but looking sophisticated as well. With that being said, Bella knows to layer her crop with jackets, blazers, and what not. This is a good formula for transitional dressing, since summer is crossing over to fall in the weeks to come. At least you still get to wear your summer outfits without freezing yourself out.

layered outfit layered attire

Bomber Babe

Bomber jackets are all the rage nowadays, so it’s not a surprise that this item is seen in most of Bella Hadid style outfits. After all, a bomber jacket is a great way to layer down especially with autumn right across the corner. Like Bella, you can elevate the look entirely by opting for unique, eye-catching bomber jackets.

bomber jacket

Dress + Sneaks = Perfection

The Bella Hadid style is known to combine the best of both worlds. Just like her sister Gigi, Bella knows how to balance girly things with menswear-inspired items. She is often seen in luxe dresses and sneaks, an outfit combo that is as comfy as it is alluring. So if you want to be able to walk for miles on end whilst wearing your favorite dress, then the dress + sneaks combo is what you need to try out.

dress and sneakers dress and sneakers outfit

Aim High, Thigh High

Boots are must-have autumn shoes. With that being said, you can achieve the Bella Hadid style by wearing over-the-knee boots. After all, this allows you to wear short dresses and mini skirts without the fear of freezing your legs off.

thigh boots boots

It’s All About the Choker

The choker necklace has made a comeback, and it’s more popular than ever. We can actually owe its prominence to the Hadid sisters, who are fashion icons in their own rights. To achieve the sexy, retro-esque Bella Hadid style, make it a point to wear a choker necklace with boat neck or low-cut tops/dresses.

choker choker necklace

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