6 Basics of a Great Style

You might have heard about the supposed “rules” of fashion, but most of them were notoriously broken by fashion icons and street style stars. However, there are still a few basics that are essential to dressing stylishly, which will give you a more personal and greater style.

  1. Get to know your own body shape and what will or won’t work for you.



There is no point trying to dress like your favorite street style star or celebrity as we’re all different. Since not every style and shape of clothes will work for you, you have to know what will and won’t work for you, especially the cuts and styles of fashion pieces. Learn which fabrics work to add weight and those that work to take it off. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may show off your womanly curves with a bodysuit teamed with a leather pencil skirt.

  1. Play up your best features and downplay those that you don’t like.

wide-leg-pants-with-sheer-blouse peplum-color-blocked-top-with-stilettos

We may have the same basic shape, but your measurement is indeed different from everyone else. Always dress for yourself where you feel comfortable and sexy, not to for everyone else. Remember, half of looking good is feeling good, so always go for ones that will bring out your beauty and confidence. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may highlight your sexy curves with a sheer blouse teamed with high-waist wide leg pants that look chic.

  1. Buy the best cut and fabric you can afford.

sweater-dress-with-snake-print-boots white-jumpsuit-with-straw-hat

Think of your investment pieces in terms of cost-per-wear as a really fabulous pair of classic cut black wool pants that might cost $400 will actually work out a lot cheaper than an average pair of lycra blend that cost $100. Typically, the more expensive pair will last longer, and you’ll look fabulous the entire time.

  1. Your size is the one that fits.

denim-dress-with-fringed-bag sheer-black-dress-with-sailor-cap

Though tags are a guideline to distinguish between the different sizes of the same type clothes, don’t get caught up in what size the tag reads. What matters is that your clothes fit. Pay attention to your necklines, shoulder seams, and sleeves. Only ever buy a larger size if you’re going to have it tailored to fit properly. Regardless how inexpensive your outfit is, if it fits you well, then it will look expensive.

  1. Do not buy expensive ‘trendy’ pieces.

5-structured-coat-with-white-pants sweater-with-checkered-pants-and-lugsole-shoes

There is no reason to spend more than a few dollars on something that will be out of fashion at the end of the year as it’s only a waste of money. Though you may still buy trendy pieces it suits you well, it’s wiser to spend money on classic pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Or, think of wearing your classic ensembles in trendy layers like fashion blogger Noor de Groot did, therefore extending your wardrobe without going shopping.

  1. Look fabulous in accessories.

striped-romper-with-pearl-choker jewelled-accessories-with-white-top-and-hat

What really sets the stylish apart is not so much their wardrobe as their accessories. A few simple, classic outfits that look fabulous can be dressed up, or down, and changed completely depending on what accessories you pair them with. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, a pearl choker can instantly add some flair to your striped romper while looking chic and effortless at the same time. Remember, style is about reflecting who you are, not wearing the latest outfit.

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