6 Asian Beauty Trends and Practices We Should All be Doing

Asians, Koreans and Japanese especially, have always been admired and adored for their clear skin and glowing complexion and while it wouldn’t be fair to compare since we all have different skin types, there’s really nothing wrong with aspiring to achieve the same. Here are some Asian beauty trends and practices that you can copy and incorporate into your routine if you want to try and get the same gorgeous look.

  1. 10-step skincare routine – when it comes to skincare, no one does it like the Koreans. They put a lot of effort and time (not to mention money) into their skincare routine which is why most of they have glowing porcelain skin. The 10-step skincare routine has hit the Western world recently and more and more people are trying it out.korean beauty
  2. Gentler cleansing and care – if you take a look at a majority of the Asian beauty products available in the market, you’ll notice that they’re formulated to be lighter and gentler on the skin. Alcohol-based products are avoided and oil-based ones are preferred and ingredients are carefully selected to make sure nothing irritates the skin.youthful and dewy look
  3. Regular masks – Asians love their masks, especially sheet masks. It’s a part of their daily routine and it’s also one of the secrets to having glowing skin all the time. Brands like Leaders in Solution, Etude House, and Tony Moly all have a variety of masks for every skin type / condition.japanese beauty simple makeup look
  4. Investments in tools – you think you’re fancy because you use a Clarisonic? Think again! Asians take their skincare routine very seriously so they invest in skincare and beauty tools from lasers and LED lights to dermarollers and the like. This helps them follow / keep their routine even when they have no time for a facial or a spa day.glowing skin asian beauty simple and light makeup
  5. Less is more – when it comes to makeup, Asians prefer to use less products to achieve a more youthful look. Contouring isn’t as big in Asia as it is in the West but highlighting is a must for almost everyone as it helps give the skin a dewier look.cute korean beauty rosy skin
  6. Skincare and makeup in one – another proof that Asians take their skincare seriously come in the form of many of their makeup products infused with skincare benefits. A BB / CC cream that acts as a moisturizer and contains anti-aging ingredients? Yes! That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find on the shelves of Asian beauty and makeup stores.clean and simple makeup look natural makeup bold lip


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