6 90s Accessories You Need to Make Space for in Your Closet

The 90s trends are still hot and on trend right now so we might as well go with the flow and create some serious throwback looks. Aside from the clothes, of course, you will need some accessories from the 90s to complete your look. Here are a few couple of accessories from the 90s that you need to make space for in your closet.

  1. Chokers – there’s no denying that chokers are back and they’re having a full-blown fashion moment right now. Forget about those cheap, stretchy plastic-wire chokers. Today’s chokers are much more chic and sophisticated, ranging from simple black lace to more lux thick gold-plated ones.choker and chic summer outfit
    choker and knitted off shoulder dress choker in black velvet
  2. Tiffany’s heart charm – yes, the chunky heart charms with equally chunky chains and toggle bars are back and they’re the ultimate arm candy to reach for if you’re going for a 90s themed look.tiffany heart charm bracelet
  3. Tattoo transfers – colorful, glittery and very tricky to use – that’s how most of us would remember tattoo transfers but today’s tattoo transfers are far more chic and stylish. They’re usually metallic in color and they have very tribal / Boho-ish design and they’re also now more popularly known as flash tattoos which are super popular during festival season.flash tattoo for summer flash tattoo
  4. Jelly shoes – many of us have a love-hate relationship with jelly shoes but there’s no denying that their cuteness makes them so perfect for summer. Jelly shoes also come in so many colors so finding one to add to your summer wardrobe should be no problem at all.jelly shoes in baby blue jelly shoes black and white
  5. Bandanas – whether you like wearing them on your neck, on your head, or your wrist, you know bandanas are one of the most versatile fashion accessories from the 90s and while they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that they’re definitely something you can turn to when you want to add that oomph to your look.bandana headband summer look bandana as chic choker
  6. Scrunchies – forget about elastics, if you’re looking for a good way to dress up your ponytail without going overboard, trying finishing it up with old school scrunchies. They come in all colors and prints and patterns, it’ll be impossible not to find one that will complete your look.scrunchy satin scrunchies from the 90s

With the return of the 90s, I’m sure that you have a few favorites from back in the day that you’d love to be able to wear again. What’s the 90s accessory that you want to make space for in your fashion wardrobe?



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