5 Winter Hats to Add to Your Wardrobe

Winter hats make fab accessories for the colder days of fall and, of course, winter. Aside from keeping you extra warm, they also add a nice touch to your outfit that can elevate it and make it look even more chic and posh. Winter hats can also hide a bad hair day or just cover up for you when you don’t feel like doing anything too fancy for your tresses. If you’re quite the fashionista, you know winter hats are a must have once the temps start to drop. Here are winter hat styles to add to your wardrobe now.

  1. BEANIE – this one is a basic staple for anyone, not just for the ladies but for the men as well. Beanies are often crocheted / knitted and that is what makes them perfect for keeping your head nice and warm. For the minimalist, a plain black beanie would be perfect. It can be worn with anything without taking away from the whole theme of the look as it blends right in to any style. If you’re not a minimalist, go ahead and go for a statement beanie instead.beanie in black paired with black pullover and printed pants
    beanie in gray
  2. TRAPPER – trapper hats are perfect for those who live in really cold, snowy places. They cover your ears up to keep you even warmer and they have a really cute, slightly tomboy-ish yet still chic look to them that can add an element of fun to your outfit. Trapper hats are usually made with shearling or fur so they’re great for when you want to play with the textures in your outfit too.trapper hat and bubble jacket trapper hat outfit
  3. BOBBLE HATS – if you don’t want to stray too far away from your comfort zone that is the beanie yet still want something a bit more fun to add to your look, a bobble hat is definitely what you need.. These are like beanies but with a cute pompom-like ball on top that can be anything from a cute little fur ball to an eye catching gigantic yarn pompom ball. Bobble hats definitely have more of that girly vibe to them so if you feel your beanie is making your outfit look a little too boyish, you can opt for this one instead.bobble hat cable knit pattern and furball bobble hat simple design
  4. BERET – we all know how the French girls rule the Fashion world so I’m sure taking a few tips from them can’t do us any harm. To add that Parisienne chic vibe to your look, finish off your outfit with a beret. Berets have a very artsy look and they’re a favorite among It Girls from all nations come wintertime.french beret outfit french inspired outfit with beret
  5. STATEMENT HAT – there are lots of statement hats that you can wear for winter. For a fun and quirky look, you can wear those bowler-type hats with cute little cat ears on them or, for a more fashion-forward look, wear a busby instead which is perfect for really cold weather.busby hat outfit

statement cat ear hat

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