5 Winter Fashion Tips to Stay Warm and Survive Winter in Style

Winter is cold and brutal and for many women as it means they have to retire their most stylish clothes until the thermometer heats up again. If you aren’t sure on how to be stylish year round, keep on reading for our 5 winter fashion tips to stay warm and survive winter in style.

  1. Select the right fabrics.


winter-coat-with-white-jeans oversized-fur-coat-with-trendy-outfit

The main key to help anyone stay warm without looking bulky is selecting the right fabrics. Generally, cashmere is one of the best fabrics for the winter because the light material is perfect for adding warmth without adding bulk. Though coats are a requirement for winter weather, you must go for wool, cashmere, and their blends that go a long way in retaining warmth. Also, cashmere sweaters are quite expensive with basic pieces ranging from $200 and up to designer offerings going for $800 and up on average, you can still opt for cheaper options that can keep you warm and stylish.

  1. Proportion is the key in maintaining the style.

edgy-urban-outfit-with-modern-trench-coat winter-coat-with-fitted-knit-dress-and-boots

Bulk is the enemy during the winter and fashion-forward women avoid it at all costs. You don’t have to equate bulk with not being able to wear your oversized or bulky coat. Proportion is key in maintaining the style, thus a chunky top should not be layered with substantial bottoms or a bulky coat. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may go for a fitted dress or leather trousers that will go well with your winter coat.

  1. Be stylish and functional with layering.

fur-vest-with-winter-outfit wide-leg-pants-with-leather-coat retro-floral-print-midi-dress-with-fur-coat

Layering is how stylish women make it through winter after winter. Also, layering can make you extend your warm-weather clothes in the colder months. It is all too common for someone to get freezing outside in the elements, only for her to walk inside a building that is scorching. Layers allow the wearer to adjust clothing according to comfort levels during the day and night. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, go for clothes that beat the cold and look fabulous by layering streamlined yet warm fabrics to stay warm.

  1. Invest in high-quality clothes so you don’t need to buy every time.

classic-knit-dress-with-trendy-sneakers trench-coat-with-patent-leather-trousers

Though cashmere and wool coats are often expensive, you have to go for ones that will serve you for more years to come. Many retailers offer thin sweaters with cashmere-like qualities for sale at very reasonable prices that you might take advantage of. Many department stores and boutiques recognize the popularity of wearing multiple sweaters so they offer a variety of them in seemingly endless colors that every woman will love.

  1. Beat the winter with stylish and functional boots, scarves, and gloves.

winter-outfit-with-fur-coat fur-scarf-with-winter-outfit

Nothing saps heat more than an uncovered neck, head, and hands that’s why scarves, hats, and gloves are a must when the temperature drops. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may opt for scarves with a fashion statement in themselves that can spice up your winter outfit. Scarves are especially popular because they give the wearer an additional option when worn like a shawl. On the other hand, gloves that are made of a high-quality leather exterior with a wool, cashmere, or thermal interior can keep you warm. Also, beating the winter is not complete until you have a sturdy pair of boots, especially ones with shearling, knit, and faux fur details. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to beat the cold in style.