5 Winter Fashion Hacks

Winter is perhaps one of the trickiest seasons to get dolled up for. It can be a challenge to create a look that’s chic and stylish when you also have to keep comfort and warmth in mind. For many ladies who live in very cold places, winter is usually a time when they let their fashion guards down and just succumb to the cold and wear whatever is the first warm and chunky thing that they can get from their closet, but you don’t have to do the same. Here are some winter fashion hacks that will keep you warm and fashionabe.

  1. Get the stretchiest tights – aside from being able to accommodate any changes in size, especially over the holiday season, having really stretchy tights is essential in making sure that your tigts sit as close to your skin as possible without leaving room for the cold to seep in.tights-outfit-for-winter
  2. DIY winter socks – ever wondered where you can get those super cute knit-like socks that you see poking out of tall boots from your favorite style icons? Well, wonder no more because, now, you can make them yourself! Take an old knitted sweater, cut off the sleeves, wear them over your legs and style as you please. Here’s a little guide to help you out.diy-winter-socks diy-knit-winter-socks
  3. Stay in shape – winter means holiday parties are going to be everywhere, so staying in shape can be a challenge. If there’s one thing you need not worry about keeping in shape, though, it’s your sexy, tall boots. Just take a magazine that you no longer read, roll it up, and slide them into your boots when not in use to keep them from creasing and looking frumpy.tall-red-boots tall-sleek-boots
  4. Infinity scarf hood – having a staticky bad hair day? That’s quite common in winter and if you haven’t got the time to wash your hair or do something awesome with it, don’t worry. Just take your infinity scarf and turn it into a nice little hoodie to keep your hair from ruining your look.infinity-cowl-scarf-hood infinity-hood
  5. Wear leggings under maxi skirts – maxi skirts are great for winter because they’re long and they can keep your legs warm, but if you want to make your outfit even warmer and cozier, you can sneak in a pair of leggings under your maxi skirt. No one will see it so it won’t affect the way your outfit looks but you will certainly feel a lot warmer, so it’s a great trick to use when it’s super cold outside yet you want to look stylish.maxi-dress-outfit maxi-full-skirt


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