5 Winter Color Combos You Will Love

Winter is a time when we tend to gravitate towards darker colors like black, brown, gray and navy and, often, this leads to an outfit that’s dull and drab. Many of us can’t go a day without sporting a bright hue or two and if you’re one of these people, I’m sure winter is one of the seasons you like the least, at least when it comes to fashion. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore, though. Check out these gorgeous winter color combos you are sure to love.

  1. NAVY BLUE AND BRIGHT YELLOW – this is a great way to add a sunny cheer in your outfit, especially on a dark and gloomy day. The combination of navy blue and bright yellow together make for a very happy winter color combo that anyone can easily wear.navy and yellow combo with aztec print
    navy and yellow
  2. RED AND GREEN – if you’re looking for a festive color combo to rock this winter, look no further than the popular red and green combo that abounds during this season. Red and green together somehow always reminds us of the holidays, especially Christmas but if you don’t want that vibe in your look, what you can do is wear one or both of the colors in a muted shade. This will tone down the festive vibe.red accents on green outfit red and green winter outfit
  3. MINT AND GRAY – mint is such a cute and lovely color and It’s one of the hues you’d expect to see sometime during spring or summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it during the fall and winter as well. For winter, I like to pair mint with gray to create a look that’s beautifully balanced.mint and gray outfit mint knit and gray skirt
  4. PINK AND BURGUNDY – if you’re the girly type and you love wearing soft and feminine looks that are always dainty and pretty, you’re going to love the combination of pink and burgundy for winter this year. Any shade of pink works well with this but I find that rosy hues with a deep burgundy shade work best.pink and burgundy outfit for winter pink and burgundy
  5. KHAKI AND MILITARY GREEN – on the other hand, for those who are not fans of anything too girly or feminine, you can always turn to color combinations like khaki and military green to achieve more of a utilitarian look. This combo is perfect for those who want a bit more of color in their look but don’t want anything too bright or too vibrant and would rather stick to neutral-ish hues.

khaki sweater and green pants khaki top and green jacket


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