5 White Outfits You Can Keep Wearing for Fall

There used to be an unwritten fashion rule about not wearing white after Labor Day and while we really can’t tell for sure where the dictum originated, we’re pretty sure it’s all irrelevant now. With today’s fashion crowd being all about breaking the rules, we’re finding it harder and harder to stick to them. To be honest, we’ve been wearing white post-Labor Day a long time ago. Here are some ideas for white outfits you can keep wearing for fall.

  • EASY PEASY WHITE JUMPSUIT – who says you have to stow away that immaculately chic white jumpsuit you bought especially for Labor Day weekend after it ends? A jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder that makes a great go-to outfit for those who are too busy to plan out a look but still want to be chic and stylish. Just slip into your white jumpsuit, accessorize and you’re done!

white jumpsuit with black accents

white jumpsuit

  • WHITE JEANS – white jeans are incredibly versatile which is why they’re the perfect addition to any wardrobe, Labor Day or not. Wear white jeans with a plain white top and finish up with sneakers for a norm core kind of look or add a brighter and livelier splash of color to your outfit by pairing up white jeans with something colorful.

jeans and plaid jeand and sweater

  • WHITE SUNDRESS – your white sundress is not just meant to be worn for spring or summer. You can wear it well into fall and winter as well. The trick to keep yourself warm while you have it one is to layer it up with comfy and cozy knits. You can choose to go monochromatic with white knits or opt for a soft and feminine neutral palette instead.

sundress and parka sundress and knitted cardigan

  • WHITE MATCHING SET – matching sets have proven themselves to be crowd favorites for spring and summer which is why you really shouldn’t be surprised if you see a lot of stylish young ladies rocking a pair for the Labor Day weekend. Don’t let it stop there. Wear your white matching set post Labor Day and make it more fall-appropriate by adding deep, rich accent colors of by layering it with fall staples.

matching set with crop top and skrit matching set with taupe coat

  • WHITE MAXI DRESS – maxi dresses are always in style and they’re always appropriate for any kind of season, be it summer, spring, winter or fall. A white maxi dress is something that you can wear from summer to fall with ease. It’s the perfect outfit to wear if you want something easy, chic and ultra feminine.

white maxi dress with sleeves white maxi dress


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