5 Ways to Wear Your Winter Scarf

No stylish winter garment is complete without a scarf. Truly versatile, this accessory can keep you warm and chic. Be a fashion chameleon – even if you only have a limited number of cravats – with these 5 ways to wear a scarf.


For a timeless look, try the classic scarf style. What you need to do is place your scarf on your neck. Make sure the ends are equal. Throw one end around your neck so that the base ends up at the opposite side. Do this again on the other side. Repeat the twirling until only the desired length is hanging from your neck.

classic scarf how to

Add volume to the scarf by fluffing the scarf around your neck.

classic scarf


For a classy look, try the sophisticated scarf style. It’s so easy to do.

sophisticated scarf

What you need to do is throw your scarf around your neck. Choose any side and throw it over your shoulder. From here on out you can keep nippy and chic.

sophisticated scarf style


For a fuss-free yet fashionable way to wear a scarf, try the infinity style. All you just need to do is wrap the shawl around your neck in a figure 8.

infinity scarf how to

If you have the conventional scarf, you can still wear it in infinity style. Just knot the ends and place it around your neck as it if were an infinity scarf.

beige infinity scarf

brown infinity style scarf

Double Loop

The double loop is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf. All you just need to do is fold the scarf in half. Wear it around your neck and insert the two ends into the loop you have created. Tug the ends for a snugger fit.

double loop how to

This easy to do style is great with a variety of outfits, ranging from a cute dress to a blouse-and-denim ensemble.

blue double loop scarf

Braided Knot

Get the Parisian chic look by wearing your scarf in a braided knot style.

braided knot how to

Start with folding your scarf into two. Place it around your neck and get the looped end. Cross the loop to get a figure 8.

Pull one end of scarf through the top end, and pull the other through the bottom end. Pull or loosen the ends to make it tighter/floppier.

braided knot scarf

Indeed, there are so many ways to wear a scarf. With these styles, you can have a different look for every day of the week.

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