5 Ways to Wear Tights this Winter

Tights can be a godsend in the winter time if you’re the kind who loves to keep her legs and feet warm all the time. This can also be your best friend if you like wearing skirts and dresses and you don’t want to stop wearing them just because the air is chillier and the temps are lower. If you’re planning on stocking up on tights this winter to make a more cozy and comfortable wardrobe and you don’t want to get stuck with just the basics, check out these ideas on ways to wear tights for the season below.

  1. BASIC BLACK – black tights is a must have for anyone who plans on wearing lots of dresses and skirts this winter. Black tights go really well with just about anything and everything and so it makes for a versatile layering piece that you won’t ever have trouble pairing with the rest of your wardrobe.black tights under gold skirt
    black tights and gray coat
  2. NEUTRAL – now, if you’re tired of black and you don’t want to add to the dark color palette on the winter outfit you’re already wearing, go for another neutral color like gray or brown instead. There are plenty of lighter neutral shades that you can utilize to create a softer and lighter look when wearing tights in the winter.white tights with bnw outfit neutral gray tights
  3. BRIGHT AND COLORFUL – getting bored of the usual winter color palette that’s dark and dull? Liven up your outfit by incorporating a cute pair of colorful tights to your look. Doing this is a great way to sneak in a nice pop of color to your look which is nice if you aren’t the type to wear much of the typical dark winter colors.bright red tights outfit bright yellow tights
  4. WITH AN OVERALL SKIRT – tights are not just perfect for pairing up with skirts and dresses, they work well with overall skirts as well and they make a nice addition to one when worn as a winter outfit. Denim overalls, in particular, look very cute with tights, be it black, neutral, colored or otherwise and these two together make a nice and nostalgic outfit that’s sure to take you back to your childhood winter days.overall skirt in maroon with black tights overall denim skirt and striped shirt
  5. WITH SHORTS – think it’s impossible to wear shorts during the winter? Think again! With the help of your favorite pair of tights, you can comfortably wear shorts even during cold winter days. Layering tights underneath shorts makes an awesome street style look.

shorts tights and stripes shorts tights and boots outfit combo

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