5 Ways to Wear the Patchwork Trend

The patchwork trend is taking over today’s fashion scene and I am super intrigued. I never thought patchwork could look so good, much less that it would become an actual trend that many style stars and fashion icons would support and follow. If you’re as curious as I am on how to pull this off, check out these 5 ways on how to wear the patchwork trend.

  • PATCHWORK DENIM – this was the first patchwork style I’ve seen this season and it’s probably the most reminiscent of the 70s which, speaking of, was where all the inspiration for this current trend came from. Denim patchwork has a very cozy, comfy vibe to it. At the same time, it also has that nice, chic touch. If you’re a self-professed DIY-er and you don’t want to spend big on a trend you have yet to try, denim patchwork is the easiest way to go, too.denim patchwork jeans on gwen stefani
    denim patchwork skirt and white shirt
  • COLORFUL PATCHWORK – for an even more 70s-inspired look with the patchwork trend, you can wear your patchwork piece in color. As we know, the 70s was a very colorful time in fashion. Everything was mod and made with the brightest colors and the craziest color combinations.white top and patchwork inspired pants earth colors in patchwork skirt
  • HEAD TO TOE – think this is a bit too extreme? You don’t have to do patchwork on patchwork to pull this one off because a patchwork dress will get the job done for you. A patchwork dress is a great way to make a statement, even on days when you don’t feel like putting in too much effort for your outfit. Go easy on the accessories, though, so you don’t risk going over the top and ending up with a tacky look.statement patchwork dress fashion week outfit patchwork dress
  • WITH A SET PATTERN – if you think the patchwork trend is a bit too bold and loud for you, you can always opt for a piece that has a set pattern to it. It could be square patches line up perfectly or diagonal strips done in an way to resemble a geometrical design or whatever else you can find. Patterns help ‘tame’ down the boldness that comes with the patchwork look.patchwork knitted sweater denim top and patchwork skirt
  • PATCHWORK ACCESSORIES – lastly, if you’re really intimidated by the patchwork trend and don’t think you can pull off patchwork clothing items, you can resort to patchwork accessories instead. These are very subtle but they still pack a punch when it comes to adding flare to your outfit.

fashion week patchwork purse patchwork scarf loop


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