5 Ways to Wear Fall Boots in Spring

Just because it’s springtime doesn’t mean you have to part ways with everything you used in fall. There are so many fall staples that you can still wear for early spring and a few that you can actually wear even during late spring / going into summer. Fall boots, for example, can still be made a part of many spring looks. If you’re wondering how, check out these amazing and stylish ways to wear fall boots in spring.

  1. Say no to slouchy boots – first things first, let’s talk about which fall boots to keep using. Anything slouchy will have to take the backseat and wait ‘til next year’s fall and anything sleek can be reused. Spring is the time to look cute and fabulous and slouchy boots are not exactly going to help you achieve that.spring striped dress and boots
    spring dress and boots
  2. Ankle boots and skirts – we all know spring is the perfect time to start wearing skirts and dresses again so if you’re looking for new ways to wear that cute, flouncy skirt from last year’s spring, why not pair it up with cute ankle boots from fall? This combination is especially perfect for early spring when it’s a still a little cold.ankle boots and red skirt for spring ankle boots and suede brown skirt
  3. Combat boots with dresses – love dresses but don’t feel like looking extra girly on a certain day? The solution is simple. Pair up any dress you choose with your favorite combat boots from fall to add a bit of that rough, edgy, macho look and feel to the whole outfit, creating a balanced look that’s neither too girly nor too boyish.combat boots and blush dress combat boots and sheer dress
  4. Tall boots with skirts and dresses – another way to wear fall boots in spring is to wear your tall boots (knee high, thigh high, high cut – it doesn’t matter) with either a dress or a skirt. This is a great way to show off bring some attention to your legs. My favorite combination is any pair of tall boots with a long skirt or dress that features a slit on the side.tall boots and maxi sheer dress tall boots and mini dress
  5. Rompers and boots – Coachella and a slew of other festivals are coming up and this is the perfect opportunity to put your fall boots to good use. Look for a cute romper that you love, pair it up with your fall boots of choice and finish off with layered accessories and a gorgeous headpiece and you have yourself a Coachella-outfit that will surely turn heads.

romper zip up and boots romper and velvet boots


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