5 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

Slip dresses used to be something women wore only in the bedroom but with the evolution of fashion, this piece has become more than just sleepwear. Today, slip dresses are one of the hottest and trendiest pieces of clothing and more and more fashionistas are discovering their love for boudoir dressing through it. If you’re not the type who loves to dress sexy, the slip dress trend may intimidate you but don’t worry. There are lots of ways to pull off the trend without showing too much skin or having a racy vibe. Here are clever ways to wear a slip dress outside your hour house.

  1. Red carpet ready – you don’t need to be a celebrity to look like you’re headed for the red carpet. If you’ve got a slinky event to go to and you’re looking for something nice to wear that will make you stand out, go for a slip dress. Avoid the lacey kind as that may be a bit too boudoir and go for something with a bit more coverage instead. If you can find one, go for something with a bit of sparkle and shine to it to get that glam vibe.red carpet slip dress dakota johnson
    red carpet slip dress with peacock detail poppy delevingne
  2. Casual weekender – another look that you can pull off wearing a slip dress is the casual weekender. If you think the slip dress is just way too girly and you want to give it a neutral, casual vibe, why not try pairing it up with sneakers to create a cool everyday outfit that’s chic but not too dressy. Plain white sneakers are best for keeping it low key though you can always up the ante with your statement kicks.slip dress and white and red sneaker shoes slip dress and white sneakers
  3. Winter wonder gal – if you think slip dresses are meant to be worn only during spring and summer, think again! These sexy little things may well be worn during fall and winter as well, all you need to do is layer them up with a cozy sweater and you have yourself a comfy and stylish look that’s both sexy and cozy.sweater and slip dress outfit sweater and slip dress with moto boots
  4. Boudoir boss – this one is really tricky and really risky, too, but if you’re feeling bold and adventurous, go ahead and give it a try. If you’re looking for new ways to take sexy to new heights with your work wardrobe, how about pairing up a long slip dress with a posh, structured blazer? Make sure to go for the least revealing slip dress that you have to get more coverage. If you like the look but don’t think you can pull it off at work, you can always wear it somewhere else.blazer and slip dress combo for work blazer with brass buttons and slip dress blazer and slip dress combo for work
  5. Cool and covered up – if you think the slip dress is just too revealing for your style, you can always opt for more coverage and one way to do that, especially if it’s the lower part of the slip dress that concerns you, is to wear pants with your slip dress. You may think it’s not a good idea to do so but all you really need is the right pair of pants. Check out the photos below for inspiration.

pants and slip dress pants and slip dress black and white combo

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