5 Ways to Wear a Crop Top to the Holiday Parties

Crop tops have always been a favorite for many fashionistas all over the world, especially during the spring and summer when wearing as little as possible is acceptable and actually comfortable. During the colder months of fall and winter, you may notice crop tops slowly inching away from the spot light. That’s because during these times, we opt to get bundled up in cozy clothing and the crop top is the exact opposite of that. They still make great party outfits, though. Check out these chic ways to wear a crop top to the Holiday parties this year.

  1. PAIRED WITH CULOTTES – have you seen Amal Clooney’s amazing look which consisted of a crop top and a pair of culottes? It looked amazing! I know Amal looks amazing in just about anything she wears but this one is something that any fashionista can easily pull off. Try out this combo to one of your Holiday parties and see how you can wow the crowd.culottes and crop top outfit
    culottes and crop top in black and white simple outfit
  2. OFF SHOULDER CROP TOP – another great piece that you can sport to the Holiday parties is an off shoulder crop top. You can pair this with any bottom you have in your closet – a maxi skirt, leather pants, jeans, anything! These are very sexy and they exude such a sophisticated vibe.off shoulder crop top and full skirt off shoulder and floral full skirt
  3. GLITZY AND GLITTERY – what’s a more perfect way to give the good ol’ casual crop top a more festive Holiday vibe that to wear it shiny and sparkly? Glittery crop tops are perfect if you’re going to an indoor Holiday party. I say indoor because it would be a shame to have to cover this gorgeousness up with an outerwear so an indoor party where you won’t freeze up is the ideal place and even to put it into action.glittery crop top and skirt matching set glittery crop top
  4. LACEY CROP TOP – a lacey crop top is a great piece to wear if you want to look dainty and feminine but at the same time subtly sexy and sultry for a holiday party. Choose one with long mesh sleeves if you want a slightly more covered up option that also offers a bit more warmth and a more modest vibe.lace sleeved crop top lacey long sleeve crop top
  5. PAIRED WITH A FLUFFY TULLE SKIRT – if you ever feel like channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw during the Holiday parties, simply pair up your crop top with a nice and fluffy tutu skirt and you’re all set! Go with a maxi tulle skirt for a more dressier look and a more dramatic effect or a shorter one for a whimsical touch in your look.

tulle skirt and turtle neck crop top tulle maxi skirt and crop top

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