5 Ways to Style Your Embroidered Pieces

Although the skills of the craftsmen and masters behind every single haute couture garment are unquestionable, many women find the embroidered fashion outdated and obsolete. This summer, the embroidered trend is making an equally beautiful comeback. Keep on reading for our 5 ways to style them.

  1. Go monochromatic to create a great backdrop for your embroidered pieces.

embroidered blue dress with sandals

transparent sandals and bag with embroidered dress embroidered lace skirt with chiffon top and nude sandals embroidered dress with black fringe bag and chunky sandals embroidered dress with black fringe bag and chunky sandals

Going monochromatic head-to-toe will make your embroidered piece statement-making. Usually simple and small compared to shiny sequins and flashy embellishments, embroidery can easily be overshadowed by more delicate and ornate pieces. So, like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may simply team your embroidered dress with a black jacket and a pair of simple pumps that will pull your look together without overshadowing your creative piece. Or, if you may, for a transparent bag and sandals that will add some trendy touch to your looks without interfering with your embroidered piece.

  1. Team the color of your embroidery to the color of your shoes.

embroidered top with jeans and cobalt blue lace up sandals white dress with embroidered jacket and chic sneakers gold and black embroidered animal silhouette with ankle strap gold heels

If you’re not a fan of monochromatic look, then try coordinating the color of your embroidery with the color of your shoes. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, complement your cobalt blue embroidery on your blouse with a pair of lace-up sandals that will pull your outfit together. For a glamorous look, go for the elegant combination of gold-and-black like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni did, making her street style a bit unexpected and sophisticated.

  1. Add some flair to your casual style with embroidered pieces.

embroidered bag with striped sandals and casual chic outfit embroidered top with skinny jeans embroidered tie neck top with jeans

Forget your graphic tees and tank tops, as embroidered tops are the fresh pieces perfect for jeans. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, keep the rest of your outfit simple and skip wearing statement accessories to avoid overshadowing your creative top. Or, simply opt for an embroidered bag that you can wear with any casual outfit you love to.

  1. Team your colorful embroidered piece with solid colors.

embroidered bag with white lace dress embroidered top with coat and skirt embroidered suede skirt with burgundy tee embroidered blazer with white outfit

Colorful embroidered pieces are statement-making enough, but you can make them look much more artistic by teaming them with solid colors that will serve as a great background for them. Like fashion blogger Michelle Krusi, simply team your embroidered suede skirt with a burgundy tank top that will create an interesting earthy theme while keeping your looks bohemian. Or, team them with whites to add some modern yet breezy vibe to your looks, perfect for the summer.

  1. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and muted to let your embroidered piece make the statement.

embroidered red dress with cute sunglasses embroidered off shoulder dress with espadrilles sandals embroidered dress with tassel earrings and lace up sandals embroidered dress with nude sandals embroidered boho dress with lace up sandals

Pieces embroidered with Scandinavian, Indian, and Slavonic motives are a steal if you find them in the stores. If you’re wearing more intricate and delicate embroidery, let them make the statement for you by keeping the rest of your accessories simple and muted. This way, you’ll make your summer fashion season-appropriate while keeping your looks trendy and fashion-forward.

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