5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Maxi Dress for You

Voluminous, long, and billowy, maxi dresses are comfortable and chic means to stay feminine on your street looks. However, tall women are known to be the best ones to pull off these dress styles as it can be figure-swamping to some petites. But in fact, whether you’re tall or petite, curvy or straight figure, you can make your maxi dresses flattering for you. Just keep on reading to learn some tricks when picking maxi dresses off the racks.

  1. Choose the flattering neckline for you.

glamorous maxidress with elegant clutch

halter maxidress with lace up sandals strappy-sandals-with-off-shoulder-maxidress tangerine maxi dress white maxidress with heels

V-necklines are perfect for women who have a large bust, broad shoulders, thick torsos, short necks, as well as wide, round, and square jaws. If you wish to offset a long neck or face, go for turtlenecks as it has an extended tight-fitting high collar that tends to create volume in the neck area, while off-shoulders are best for women with larger busts as well as for women with narrow shoulders that give shoulders a broader look. If you have a large bust, short neck, and a double chin, opt for round neck maxi dresses that extend high up on the chest, therefore decrease the amount of exposed skin between the chin and chest making some areas look wider. Halter necklines are perfect for women with broad shoulders as they cut broad shoulder lines up and add curves. However, if you have a larger bust and bulky arms, be careful with this neckline as it creates the impression of greater volume, making you look wider than you actually are.

  1. Pick the perfect hemline for your stature.

maxi dress with tweed blazer v neckline maxi floral dress floral maxidress with combat boots black maxidress with sandals avant garde knits with maxi dress

If you’re tall, you may go for floor-length maxi dresses if you wish to show off your tall stature, or go for maxi dresses that fall on your mid-calf to make your stature look more balanced. If you petite, you may go for maxi dresses that fall above your ankles to avoid overwhelming your petite frame. If you’re planning to wear floor-length styles of maxi dresses, wear some heels to add some inches to your stature while letting your footwear covered by the length of your maxi dress, therefore creating a visual illusion of a taller frame.

  1. Opt for sexy slit and cuts that flaunt your best features.

metallic gold maxi dress polka dots maxi dress sexy maxi dress with statement heels thin belt with maxi dress tropical print maxi dress with chic sunglasses

There are maxi dresses with high slits that can show off your toned legs. However, if you have thick thighs and legs, better go for maxi dresses without slits, but have a roomier and more voluminous silhouette to offset your heavy bottom part. Also, pay attention how deep the slits you wish to have that will keep you comfortable and sexy without showing too much skin. Feel free to make some alterations if needed.

  1. Pick the complementing color for your skin tone.

embellished maxi dress with strappy sandals maxidress with black blazer pastel blue maxi dress with cute bag red maxidress with gold sandals square neckline maxidress

If you wish to look vibrant and glowing on your maxi dress, opt for the color palette that works for you. Pale skin tones may look washed out on whites and blacks, so going for pastel shades of pink, coral, green, blues, and gray will work best for them. You can even channel your mood and personality with your color choices. While black is the opulence of elegance, color white gives off the feeling of purity and angelic. Also, shades of blues are associated with tranquility, while red are known to be the color of passion and vengeance. Browns are associated with simplicity perfect to show off your friendly nature.

  1. Go for stylish prints that show off your personality.

animal print maxi dress backless maxi dress baroque print maxidress graphic print maxi dress with gold thong sandals striped maxidress

Polka dots, houndstooth, and stripes in neutral shades show more of your classy and sophisticated vibe perfect for formal occasions and conservative settings. On the other hand, graphic prints, watercolor-paint prints, as well as novelty prints can show off your playful and quirky vibe while looking chic and feminine.

Indeed, maxi dresses are a must-have for women’s wardrobe to make your style look chic, classy, and feminine.

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