5 Ways to Make a Stylish First Impression Every Time

They say first impressions last so if that were true, we really need to make an effort to make a good one, especially when it comes to making a first impression on important people like our potential clients / bosses, a possible partner or even your boyfriend’s parents. Aside from making sure that your makeup is done right and your hair looks neat, your outfit plays a huge part in making a good, lasting impression too. Here are 5 ways to make a stylish first impression every time.

  1. PLAN AHEAD – planning ahead allows you to do dress rehearsals plenty of times. It also allows you to really put together an outfit that flatters you best. Some of the pieces in your wardrobe may be your favorites but you still have to ask yourself whether they’re flattering and, of course, comfortable in case you need to wear them for long periods of time.chic casual weekened look
    one shouldered jumpsuit
  2. ASK FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS – sometimes when you look for inspiration for creating a stylish outfit that will help us create a stylish first impression, you turn to your go-to combos or to ensembles that you have only seen in magazines or maybe even on mannequins. When putting on these outfits, you may think they look fantastic but it may not be how others see it. To make sure your outfit is actually as good as you think it is, get the opinion of a true friend or a family member who’s just as in to fashion as you are.fab outfit with culottes fashionable fall look
  3. HAVE YOUR OUTFIT TAILORED – once you find the outfit you want to go with, go ahead and try it on. If you find that some parts don’t drape on as beautifully as they should or other areas don’t hug your figure the way they should, make sure to have them tailored and altered. It’s one really inexpensive way to elevate your outfit and make you look like a million bucks.all white otufit alexa chung stylish outfit
  4. LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE – when trying to make a stylish first impression, try to forget about the trends for a while and let your personality shine instead. Any outfit is sure to look better when worn with confidence and nothing boosts your confidence more than knowing that you know you can pull off the look.double print outfit with red accent bag simple and girly outfit
  5. OPT FOR MINIMALISM WHEN POSSIBLE – minimalism is the easiest way to create a timeless, stylish look. Opt for pieces with a minimal vibe and design when possible so as not to have too much going on in your look, especially when trying to make a good first impression.

stylish 90s throwback look chic outfit by princess letizia

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