6 Ways to Hide Bingo Wings

If you’ve never heard the term before, “bingo wings” is the name given to the saggy areas of fat and extra skin under the arm that we all seem to develop as we age. These flaws often make some women unconfident on some sexy and fashion-forward outfits. Looking for ways to disguise your flabby upper arms? Keep on reading for our 5 ways to hide bingo wings.

  1. Do wear off-the-shoulder tops.

off shoulder peasant dress with flat boots

off shoulder top with boyfriend jeans

Some women tend to cover-up their flabby arms by wearing a lot of layers and long sleeve styles forgoing those sexy tops on their street looks. Though halter tops, tube tops, and bandeau tops may not always look flattering for you, you can still go for off-shoulder tops with loose and drapey sleeves. Like Kristina Bazan, you can still look fashion forward with a black off-shoulder dress with peasant style paired with comfy boots. This way, you’ll get the benefit of showing a little skin in a lean part of your body as every woman has sexy shoulders, while hiding your bingo wings on your dress.

  1. Opt for non-clingy fabrics on your top piece.

chunky sweater with sneakers and novelty clutch mesh top with chic shorts and sporty chic sneakerswhite top with leather shorts and mules loose blouse with striped pants knitted sweater with skirt and classic pumps

Tight knits and spandex on your top piece must be out of the equation as the tighter the bodice and sleeves are, the more apparent the heavy arms are. So, look for knits that are forgiving and flowing instead. Chiffon blouses, satin tops, chambray shirt, leather jacket, mesh top, and even cashmere in non-clingy fit. Another way to disguise the extra weight under the upper arm is to opt for illusion fabric, which is a sheer net or mesh look. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable on your street style, without worrying on your flabby arms.

  1. Go for cutaway shoulders or sleeveless styles that hit on the slimmest part of your arms.

striped dress with pink bag striped top with flared pants fashion week outfit

If you are going to wear sleeveless, do wear cutaway shoulders to make sure the armholes will just show a substantial amount of shoulder. This way, your arms will look longer and sleeker with more shoulder showing. Cold-shoulder style that exposes your shoulders with sleeves will also hide under-the-arm heaviness.

  1. Select sleeved tops and dresses that are non-fitting and roomy.

cool sandals with culottes and color blocked top white outfit with orange clutch puffy sleeved green dress pink dress with pumps

If you wear short sleeves, sometimes the bingo wings or flabby arms can still show, so draw the attention away from them with more volume like puffy sleeves. But, don’t wear elastic or cuffed short sleeves as the tightness around a heavier area will only accentuate the problem. Instead, go for short sleeves with roomy style and non-fitting to make sure there is enough space for your arms. Cap sleeves typically hit you right at the part of the arm that is the widest, and simply make your arms look heavier. When opting for those styles, just go for an elbow-length sleeves or even bracelet-length sleeves for a flattering look.

  1. Do draw the eyes away with interesting details or prints.

abstract print pants with jacket trendy top with black pants rainbow stripe outfit with sling bag geometric print dress with colorful bangles checkered skirt with polka dots top

Wearing prints and interesting details on your outfit can be great to draw the eyes away from your flaws. Just be careful wearing prints on your top piece as it can make your arms look heavier, unless it’s a stripe pattern. So, think of loud and colorful prints on your skirts, pants, and dresses as long as the print looks flattering for your body type and hiding the flaws you’re concerned about. Wearing an alluring neckline, an oversized bow, or striking jewelry will also draw the focus on your assets.

  1. Top your outfit with a cape, coat, or jacket.

navy jumpsuit with cream coat white cape with chic pants and heels red robe coat with casual jeans puffer coat with turquoise outfit

Some women tend to wear lots of layer to hide their bingo wings. But, be careful piling on too much layer as the heavier your outfit is the heavier you’ll look. Just stick to a cape, coat, or jacket with great sleeve styles for you or cuff those sleeves to make your flabby arms hidden in the rolled style of your outerwear.

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