5 Ways to Fake a New Wardrobe

We all have those moments when we open our closets and don’t feel excited about what’s inside. If you think that the ultimate solution only lies on buying new pieces, you’re wrong as it can be a bit unrealistic for some don’t have serious cash to drop right now. Fortunately, we have 5 ways to fake a new wardrobe without actually spending a dime.

  1. Go for a tonal dressing.

all marsala outfit with burgundy pumps

lace dress with nude bag and heels cobalt blue blazer with pumps chic bomber jacket with tank top and boxy pants

By going for a monochromatic or tonal dressing, no one can say whether you wear your old or new pieces as the trick focuses on the coordinating hues and fabric contrast on your outfit making them look new. A black tank top and a pair of boxy pants may be basic but can still look polished and fresh in a monochromatic style. Another trick, bring some interest to your tonal outfit by playing on your outfit structures and proportions for where boxy pieces always look modern and fresh. Also, you can make your frame looks visually taller since a monochromatic outfit creates a vertical line.

  1. Wear a statement accessory that will change your look.

edgy black dress with mercury sunglasses statement necklace with chic outfit skinny scarf with all white outfit

Accessories can make or break your look so pick ones that flatter your outfit and personality. If you think your classic blouse and skirt looks a bit outdated, refresh them by wearing a statement necklace like beads or jewels instead of your dainty gold one. Also, you may think of adding a pop of color to your all-white outfit with a knitted skinny scarf one day and a black skinny scarf the other day, and you’ll fake a new wardrobe effortlessly.

  1. Top your outfit with a blazer or jacket.

brocade skirt with studded leather jacket printed blazer with black lace dress leather jacket with floral maxi dress crop top with harem pants and pink blazer chic dress with blazer and lace up shoes 3. slip dress with silk robe

A printed dress, a brightly colored top, and even a metallic skirt can easily look old as they are too noticeable when worn. To change your look a bit, simply top your favorite outfit with a studded leather jacket, a silk robe, a printed blazer, or even a chic tuxedo blazer that will make our looks fashion-forward and fresh. That means you must have a few of stylish toppers on your wardrobe so you can refresh the look of your favorite outfits, especially dresses that can hardly team with other existing ensembles.

  1. Wear your basic pieces differently.

casual cool outfit with shawl varsity blazer with preppy outfit tunic with matching set plaid shirt with chic outfit fringe top with eccentric outfit

You may think of wearing your button-down shirt backward to change up your look, but you may also layer them with other pieces especially on colder seasons. If you’re always teaming your floral top with a red skirt, change your outfit a bit by tying a plaid shirt on your waist, making you look like you just got a new wardrobe again. Also, take advantage of tunics and blanket scarves that can change your look in a modern and trendy way.

  1. Mix casual pieces with chic ensembles.

tee and jeans with floral blazer sneakers with winter outfit rainbow bomber jacket with bermuda shorts chic skirt with casual tee

If you’re tired of your tee and jeans combination, try to team your graphic tops with chic skirts and dressy shorts. If you’re tired of your classic looks, try to spice things up with a pair of sporty sneakers making your outfit a bit cool yet chic. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to fake a new wardrobe in no time.

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