5 Ways to Dress in the Winter Season

Temperatures have dropped to unbearable levels, and many women begrudgingly have to temporarily shelve cute outfits in favor of boring fleece and clunky winter boots. However, winter season doesn’t mean we have to give up on style as we can be a bit creative when getting dressed in the morning. Since a great style even in the depths of winter is possible, keep on reading for the 5 ways to dress in the winter season so you’ll seriously stay warm out there.

  1. Let your boots steal the show.

architectural sweater with statement boots

red statement boots with cape plaid scarf with sweater and white boots

Great winter style really boils down to a great pair of boots. Whether you’re a fan of neutral and minimalist style or eccentric and show-stopping colors, you can make your boots steal the show. If you’ve got a great pair of over-the-knee boots, show them off pairing them with a short dress. Think of jewel toned hues if you wish to add some life to your neutral outfits while keeping your style classy.

  1. Embrace fur or faux fur ensembles.

colorful fur coat  white fur coat with leather trousers

There aren’t many redeeming factors about living through really cold weather fashion wise, the one being it’s the only time during the year that you can wear fur or faux fur. You can wear fur with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, you may invest in a statement fur coat with pastel colors. You may also think of throwing on a fur vest over your winter coat to give it some new life, or find cool fur accent pieces like fur collars or even fur mittens to liven up your winter outfits.

  1. Become a layering pro.

plaid shirt with turtleneck and biker jacket velvet dress with cozy coat

When it’s really cold outside, sometimes even the items in your wardrobe that you always depend on no longer cut it. This is when you have to find creative ways to layer under your clothes that no one will notice. Layering is a massively practical way to dress when it’s really cold. So don’t be afraid to pile on the layers like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick did, wearing her plaid shirt with a turtleneck sweater and a leather jacket teamed with jeans that will definitely keep you warm.

  1. Belt your coats to give them new life.

belt with knitted coat and leggings layered outfit with robe coat

In the middle of winter it’s inevitable that you’re going to start to feel some fatigue when it comes to putting on your boring old winter coat day after day. So, add new life to your coat simply by belting it. Cinching your waist will make it seem almost like you have a brand new coat.

  1. Experiment with scarves.

plaid scarf with winter outfit floral print scarf with leather jacket and flared pants belt with blanket scarf and structured bag

Scarves can be worn in many ways than simply wrapped around your neck, and winter is the perfect time to experiment. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you can wear your floral print scarf the other side beneath your leather jacket and the other side hanging on your back. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish and warm in the winter season.

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