5 Ways to Avoid Fashion Myths Rule Your Closet

You might face a style rut from time to time, and following those fashion rules can help you save the day. Most of those fashion rules simply don’t apply anymore, so you can find freedom in your wardrobe by breaking them. Contrary to what you might have been told, keep on reading for the 5 ways to avoid fashion myths rule in your closet.

  1. Say yes to stripes regardless of your size and shape.



Bold lines are in, so go for horizontal stripes as anyone can look fantastic wearing them. The key is to choose patterns that proportionately align with your figure. When picking horizontal stripes, think a couple inches or more to flatter fuller shapes, while fine lines have the opposite effect. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, wear different sizes of stripes in your outfit to create a flattering illusion.

  1. Spin the color wheel.

pink-top-with-orange-skirt yellow-skirt-with-biker-jacket

Though fashion advisers always encourage us to stick with neutral colors, it’s time to expand your palette. Black is not the only shade suited to slimming your frame and you really can wear white year-round. Along the spectrum of hues, neon bright colors and jewel tones are never off-limits. Like fashion blogger Anjelica Blick, add some pop of color to your timeless ensembles with a yellow skirt that will go well with a leather biker jacket. Or, simply clash two bold colors together to create a trendy look.

  1. Go for printed ensembles that add some personality to your style.

floral-print-bandeau-top-with-maxi-skirt graphic-print-cobalt-blue-dress floral-print-dress

If you believe that prints lessen the versatility of your outfits, think again. Wearing bold patterns and prints are a great way of adding some personality to your looks. Just choose shapes and textures parallel to your proportions. Also, you have the freedom to mix and match prints. This won’t be the first season mix-it-up styles have been on trend.

  1. Channel your sexy and feminine vibes with shapeless outfits.

ripped-jeans-with-high-low-floral-print-dress ripped-jeans-with-off-shoulder-top

One commonly repeated fashion mantra is to choose dresses that emphasize your waist. While creating such a shape is guaranteed to be flattering, it doesn’t have to be your only move. If you like the look of a shift dress, there’s no reason not to go for it. However, you can still go for little dresses, high-low dresses, as well as plunging necklines to balance a shapeless outfit.

  1. Look chic with denim jeans worn with sophisticated tops.

chic-white-dress-with-ankle-strap-sandals floral print maxi dress

Though denim jeans have been the go-to pieces of casual cool women, you can now look chic with them.  Dare to wear these pieces with your chic and sophisticated tops to refresh your look instantly. This way, you’ll look comfortable at the same time chic effortlessly. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to break those fashion rules and freely express your personal style.

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