5 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Work Wardrobe

Creating a work wardrobe that goes nicely with the seasons can be a little challenging and intimidating because work wardrobes are often defined by certain limits, especially if you’re working in a rather formal / corporate work space where you are expected to look nothing short of professional all the time. With spring in full blast right now, it can be tempting to deviate from the usual and just go all out with colors and prints for your work outfits but, unless you want to get a memo, you know you can’t. Here are a few clever ways to add a touch of spring to your work wardrobe.

  1. Take your outfit to spring one step at a time – it can be really tempting to don a spring look so colorful and cute but you know you have to maintain that professional look so take your work outfit to spring one step at a time by introducing a little bit of color in each and every outfit. This pop of color can bring so much life to your everyday office look.one step at a time spring look
    one step at a time
  2. Wear something bright and fun under that blazer – if a blazer is a part of your everyday work wear, why not wear something bright and fun underneath it to add a tiny touch of spring to your look.bright shirt under blazer bright cami under striped blazer
  3. Go for light and subtle colors – adding more spring colors to your look is easier to pull off when you’re using lighter and subtler colors like pastels and baby hues. Instead of wearing bright pink, try blush or old rose; instead of sunny yellow, try pastel yellow. Doing this allows you to keep that professional vibe in your look.light colors for spring light blazer outfit
  4. Opt for girly details – spring is usually the time when fashionistas like to get extra girly so if you want to add a hint of spring to your office look, why not go the extra mile and put together an outfit with more girly elements in it? It could be an embellished piece, a piece that accentuates your curves or any other girly detail that you don’t usually go for.girly detail lace top girly spring look
  5. Wear more accessories – keep your office look from being too stern and stark by wearing more accessories with it. This is also a great way to inject that spring vibe into your outfit and give it a more lively appearance. Go for accessories that can add a bit of color to your look or some that can help you achieve a dainty, feminine spring look.accessorized office outfit accessorized soft spring outfit for office


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