5 Ways Shopping Less Can Help You Develop Your Personal Style

A quality wardrobe that actually reflects your taste and style will not happen overnight. However, constantly filling your wardrobe with clothes, impulse buying of trendy one-season-only items and sale shopping won’t help. If you’re a woman obsessing over trendy clothes all day, or you’re guilty of bad shopping habits, keep on reading for the ways shopping less can help you develop your personal style.

  1. You’ll value quality over quantity.

leather trousers with burgundy blazer

turtleneck sweater with checkered vest and bootswhite sneakers with all white outfit and trench coat

Shopping less will limit you buying a lot of cheap items often, therefore, you’ll to choose one or two high-quality items to buy over the course of a few months. If you think higher-quality items have a higher price tag, think again as you’ll end up saving money in the long run because you’re not thoughtlessly dropping $25 and everywhere. If you used to be all about trends, you can now think about buying quality items that are well-tailored to flatter your figure. This way, you’ll get a timeless wardrobe that you can experiment with rather than being forced to wear a trendy item only one way every other week.

  1. You’ll build a basic wardrobe with staple items.

blue coat with acid washed jeans trench coat with casual chic outfit

Another good result of shopping less is that you rediscover items you already have. If you’ve found that you have both too many clothes yet not enough, you might have bad shopping habit you’re ignoring. Remember, impulsive shopping habits will only result to a closet full of nothing. Instead of spending all your money on random clothes, build up a basic wardrobe with staple items. These classic pieces are more versatile and will help you look pulled-together.

  1. You’ll be more conscious of where your clothes are from.

breezy navy shirtdress plaid coat with classic outfit

Impulse shopping is much easier when so many stores sell cheap and trendy clothes. If you usually shop at fast-fashion stores, you’ll notice your style changes every now and then. However, trends are also changing and your wardrobe will be left behind if you’re not going to update them with some key pieces. Instead of investing on trendy yet low-quality, invest on timeless clothes that will serve you well.

  1. You’ll develop a more classic style.

houndstooth top and blazer with leather pants printed blazer with white top and black pants

If you learn to stop shopping just to satisfy your desire for affordable runway trends, you’ll notice that when I do shop at higher-quality stores, you’ll buy more classic items. You don’t have to opt for feminine ensembles all the time as you can still keep your edgy, casual, or even relaxed style with a classic twist. If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, think of an animal print blazer that will dress up your casual outfit like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did. If you avoid the of-the-moment fashions, you’ll start to adapt a more classic style.

  1. You’ll be able to focus on a few timeless pieces that could be mixed and matched in countless ways.

leather jacket with casual chic outfit denim jacket with casual outfit chic blazer with silk pants and studded clutch

Remember, “wear once” items couldn’t transition into other outfits. By cutting your careless spending, you’ll be able to focus on a few timeless pieces that could be styled to create multiple outfits. Style is a personal journey that should be more about contemplation than an impulsive purchase at the mall. By considering these things, you’ll be able to you fall back in love with your wardrobe and develop your personal style.

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