5 Tricks for Saving Money and Time on Clothing

A closet full of clothes may be overwhelming yet you think you can draw many outfits from your collection. However, if you feel all your budget are going on your clothes and style maintenance, keep on reading for the 5 tricks for saving money and time on clothing.

  1. Invest for high-quality clothes.

chunky sweater with silk full skirt

white dress with structured coat and boots ruffled dress with jacket

Before looking for sale items, focus on items that are well-made and will last through many washing. The key is to look at the seams as well-made clothing item will hold together for much longer. Also, there aren’t strings dangling off but perfectly straight, and any patterns match up well at the seams. Try to stick to natural fibers and blends that last a long time, like wool and avoid synthetics like polyester. By investing on high-quality clothes, they will be long-lasting items, which mean you don’t have to replace them nearly as often.

  1. Replace worn items on a one-for-one basis.

loose top with paper bag waist pants pointy loafers with shirtdress and blanket scarf

When an item begins to show signs of obvious wear, you would no longer want to wear it so you’ll replace it. I usually toss such clothes into a rag bag out in the garage because they’ve reached a point where no one would want to wear them. When a structured coat wears out, replace them with a similar coat that’s well made. When a pair of dressy pants wears out, replace them with a similar pair of dressy pants that’s well made. Don’t wait until the replacement cycle shrinks your whole wardrobe where you’ll only get rid of worn-out stuff.

  1. Maximize your total number of possible outfits.

modern suit with white top mustard top with sheer blouse and pants

If you aim to save money and time on your clothing, maximize the number of outfits that you can create from the clothes you have. Focus on keeping well-made items that go well with most of the items you already have. Like fashion blogger Denisia, you may think of wearing a mustard top with a sleek blouse and cuffed pants to create one outfit, and team each ensemble with a new top that will create a new outfit in lesser pieces. However, wearing dresses and jumpsuits may be limiting for you since you can only style them with some tops and blazers.

  1. Minimize the total laundry loads of your wardrobe.

black coat with floral outfit slip dress with cardigan

When your wardrobe is relatively small, you save a lot of money in a lot of different ways. Generally, you’ll find yourself with most of your wardrobe dirty, but washing it only requires one or two loads of laundry that can be done in an afternoon. You can do this by simply not owning that much clothing and not letting your wardrobe take up a whole lot of space. A great thing about this is you spend less time dealing with it, which is time you can spend elsewhere.

  1. Wash only the dirty clothes.

graphic print dress with fur scarf cobalt blue and black outfit with pointy loafers boho dress with cowboy boots and coat

If you wear most of your clothes lightly, you don’t have to wash them too often. Remember, washing clothes is one of the biggest sources of wear and tear on your clothes. If your clothes aren’t actually dirty and don’t appear dirty or smell dirty, then don’t wash them. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to save time and money on your clothes strategically.

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