5 Trendy Ways to Wear Belts

Picking a great style of belt that flatters your figure and gives more polish to your outfit may seem a little challenging. Some say that wider belts are only for tall women with long torsos while slimmer belts are for petite women with shorter waist. To make your outfit looks polished and your style more trendy, keep on reading for our 5 trendy ways to wear belts.

  1. Pick a statement belt to spice up your simple outfit.

chain belt with brocade blazer and jeans

chain belts with glamorous outfit glass belt with pastel blue outfit statement belt with avant garde outfit

Accessories can make or break your look, and belt can give a bold statement whether you’re just wearing a casual outfit or even a dressy one. Chain belts, gold belts, and metal belt give a bold statement, but layering your simple belts in creative strands on your waist will also showcase your creativity and artistic skills. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of gold chain belts to layer on your elegant outfit to make it look more glamorous and luxurious. Just play with the lengths of your belt when layering so you’ll avoid bulk and keep its well-proportioned look.

  1. Creatively knot your belt to make your outfit look trendy.

ear cuffs with white outfit with silver belt leather belt with statement outfit statement belt and shoes with green dress modern boho outfit with belt and bootsstatement dress with belt and heels

If you’re looking to learn about how to wear belts in a trendier style, knotting your simple belts is the key. Just remember that you have to opt for several sizes larger than you actually need, so there’s room for the actual tying. Leather belts in slimmer styles are easier to knot compared to wider ones. Just complement the color of your outfit like wearing a black leather belt with a red dress, a brown leather belt with green dress, or even a metallic silver belt with white outfit that looks more complementing and coordinating.

  1. Opt for a slim belt for adding some polish to your outfit.

all white outfit with brown belt and bag knitted dress with chain belt slim belt for long waisted woman statement belt with blue dress and lace up shoes thin belt with maxi dress

Belt sometimes makes a statement, but they can also add some elegant touches without overshadowing your outfit. To make your monochrome or all-white outfit elegant and polished, you may think of wearing a matching color of a belt with your clutch bag like Kristina Bazan did. Adding a great waist definition on your shift dress with a waist-cinching belt is a stylish idea too. If you feel your top piece and bottom piece creates a high contrast, you may wear a low-contrast belt to create the perfect shifting of colors like Mary Orton did with her olive top and white skirt.

  1. Wear belts to make your outfit look more creative.

colorful belt with girly outfit quirky belt with classic outfit shift dress with belt wide belt with cute dress scarf belt with casual outfit

Quirky belts like oversized style and bow-tie style look playful and creative. Though you may need some courage to pull it off, just make sure it will create an intentional look for a fashionable style. Generally, you can get away with wearing really cool belts with a lot of detailing, or go with something simple but wide. Also, who says you have to wear a proper belt anyway? Scarves are comfortable, colorful, and you can arrange them around your waist in any number of inventive ways. The look is absolutely statement-making and quite unique as well as it’s not something you would usually think about doing.

  1. Wear belts to tame your bulky layers.

belt with knitted coat and leggings belted layers with trousers layered outfit with robe coat belted shawl with coat

Most women wear their belts around their waist, to highlight their curves, and this trick is also applicable when wearing bulky layers making it look polished and sleek. Whether you’re wearing a blanket scarf with a coat, a trench coat with a leather coat, or a cape with a casual outfit, belt can make your looks polished and chic.

Indeed, belts could be so versatile that it can show off your creativity and artistic skills while looking trendy on your street looks.

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