5 Transitional Style Fashion Pieces you Need to Own

If you want clothes that you can wear (and rock) no matter what the season might be, then you need to wise up and shop for transitional style fashion pieces. Here are just some of the few investment-worthy items that you need to have:

Beige Blazer

A black or navy blazer is an indispensable part of office fashion, but if you want to have something you can wear all-year round, then consider adding a beige blazer in your fashion arsenal. After all, this is one of the transitional style pieces that can make you look cooler – and respectable – all at the same time. Because of the neutral nature of the blazer, you won’t have a problem pairing it up with your work or casual clothes.

beige blazer outfit

beige blazer blazer

Trench Coat

Apart from the beautiful beige blazer, one of the transitional style fashion pieces that you need to have is the trench coat. This classic staple will not only keep you warm, it can make you look fashionable as well. Although it befits the colder seasons more, there is nobody stopping you from wearing the trench this springtime as well.

jamie chung trench coat burberry trench coat suede trench coat

Luxe Knit Sweater

Contrary to popular beliefs, a knit sweater is not just for the cold seasons. It can be worn during the hotter seasons as well, thereby making it one of the best transitional style fashion pieces that you can ever have. For spring, a luxe knit sweater will definitely look good with floral mini skirts or tattered denim shorts. The style possibilities are endless with a luxe knit sweater, so it is imperative that you invest in a good one today.

striped sweater knit sweater grey knit sweater

Classic Midi Dress

A midi dress is one of the transitional style fashion pieces that you need to have. Wearable all year long, a simple midi dress can command various auras with the right kind of styling and accessorizing. Just take a glance at your entire wardrobe and you will surely find something that will glam up the appearance of your midi dress. You can wear it by itself during summer, or layer it with a jacket or sweater during winter.

white midi dress striped midi dress black midi dress

Carry-All Bag

While nano bags and clutches are inherently cute, the fact of the matter is you can’t use them all year long. With that being said, one of the transitional style fashion pieces you need to possess is a carry-all bag. This useful satchel is something you can use at work – or whilst you are jetsetting around the world. Make the most out of these transitional style fashion pieces by choosing a style or color that fits most of your wardrobe palettes.

emma watson carryall green carryall kate moss carryall

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