5 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

A good quality perfume isn’t exactly very cheap, so when we spritz some on, we want the scent to stay on us for as long as possible. Unfortunately for us perfume lovers and enthusiasts, finding a perfume that will stay with you throughout the day can be quite a challenge but, don’t worry, because there are a few hacks, tips, and tricks that can help you make your perfume last longer. Here they are:

  1. Learn to layer – you know how so many of your favorite scents come in many other forms as well? Body scrub, shower gel, bath salt, body cream, body lotion — these are just some to name a few. Well, as it turns out, using different products in the same scent is a great way to create a layer of fragrance on your skin that can really help the scent cling onto your skin better and longer.sofia vergara perfume
    la petite robe noire
  2. Apply perfume on your pulse points – spraying perfume all over your body may seem like the best way to get the most coverage, but it’s just another way to put good perfume to waste. If you want your perfume to radiate, put them on your pulse points where heat can help diffuse the scent better.pulse points cute perfume bottle
  3. Choose perfumes with higher oil concentrations – this takes a bit of time to master, but reading about perfumes during your free time can help you make better choices when buying them. Generally, the higher the oil concentration is, the longer the scent will last. Depending on how long you want your scent to last and how much you are willing to splurge, you might want to look into EDP’s or EDT’s more than colognes.rose perfume dior perfumes
  4. Apply on your skin, not your clothes – a lot of people make the mistake of applying their perfum on to their clothes instead of their skin. Aside from the possibility of staining your clothes, applying perfume to your garments is also another way to put good perfume to waste. If you want the scent to cling on to you, spray it on your skin.ari perfume penhaligon perfume
  5. Protect your perfume – yes, perfume can go bad. If not well taken care of, your perfume may lose its longevity and sillage and may even turn sour — yikes! So, how do you protect your perfume from going bad? Store them properly and keep them away from heat and direct sunglight. I know the bottles are too pretty to be kept in the dark, but if you want yours to stay smelling good for longer, this is something you need to do.miranda kerr vs angel perfume taylor swift perfume



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