5 Tips to Make a Small Closet Work for You

Whether you live in city apartments, bungalows, cottages, or cabins with a very little bedroom closet space, a small closet can work for you. However, it might be challenging if you’ve recently downsized from a spacious walk-in. If you have to deal with a small closet, keep on reading for our tips to make it work for you.

  1. De-clutter and simplify your wardrobe.



When simplifying your wardrobe, get the right mindset. Think of having a capsule collection of clothes you love to wear for each season of the year, rather than a mountain of options you’re less than excited about. Remember, when you have limited closet space, each item really needs to earn its keep. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, keeping an eye for your timeless separates can help you save space rather than going for dresses and jumpsuits.

  1. Move off-season and less frequently worn items to another place.

breezy-beach-maxi-dress color-blocked-fur-coat-with-jeans breezy-white-dress

You must reserve your closet space for the items you love to wear regularly in the current season. Since it’s already winter, it’s time to pack away your swimsuits, breezy maxi dresses, and bodysuits. Everything else ideally would find a home in an out-of-the-way spot. Think of bins that can slide beneath your bed or fill old-fashioned hard-sided suitcases elsewhere in the house. If you really need to save space, get some vacuum storage bags which are handy for reducing bulky wardrobe items.

  1. Make it well-lit.

punk-crop-top-with-skinny-jeans-and-peep-toe-boots red-party-dress-with-pumps

A well-lit closet is easier to use, and encourages neatness. If your closet doesn’t have a light fixture, get a simple clip-on or battery-powered light to illuminate the darkest corners. This way, it’ll be easier for you to see and access your wardrobe staples.

  1. Boost storage power with risers, dividers, and hooks.

backless-party-dress-with-heels breezy-top-with-silk-culottes

When boosting space in your closet, avoid bulky wood dividers in favor of sleek acrylic or wire. You may think of adding wall hooks. Go for a combo of hangers, shelves, boxes and bins that carve out extra space in a small closet for other storage options. Also, think of moving less-used items onto a high shelf, and use open-top bins and shelves for easy storage of sweaters and delicate items. On the other hand, shoeboxes can be repurposed to store small accessories. Just label the boxes and store them on a high shelf.

  1. Replace closet doors with curtains.

flared-pants-with-lightweight-coat plaid-shirt-with-leather-leggings romper-shirt-with-ankle-strap-sandals

Soft curtains open wider than doors, giving you a bit of extra room and saving wall space where the door would swing. Though it may not seem like much, a few inches can make a big difference in how a small closet functions. By heeding our practical tips, you’ll be able to make your closet work for you regardless how small it is.

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