5 Summer Bags to Get your Hands on ASAP

Your bag can make or break your look. What was stylish for the past months might not be good for this season. Although it might not always be the case, you always have the power to shop for new finds this season. No matter what shopping driving force you might have this season, you can never go wrong with these trendy (and very useful) summer bags.

Fantastic in Fringe

Summer is all about movement. With that being said, one of the summer bags that you need to get your hands on right away is a fringe bag. The way the fringes move when you walk or when the wind blows enables you to achieve a cool chick look wherever you might be. And since it invokes the retro feel that is perfect for summer, a fringe bag will keep you abreast with the hottest runway trends.

ysl fringe bag

fringe bag outfit fringe bag

Sexy in Studs

Studded bags might be more for evening wear, but you can wear it during the sunny days as well. With that being said, studded satchels are what you need to have for your collection of summer bags. Available in a variety of sizes, you can have the spacious tote that you need for the mornings and the cute studded clutch that is perfect for summer evenings.

black studded bag studded clutch studded bag

Pretty in Patchwork

Patchwork is back and it’s hotter than ever! This is one of the summer bags that you need to covet especially if you want to incorporate a lot of colors and textures in your look. A patchwork bag is a statement by itself, so even if you wear it with a plain outfit, know that you’ll be a cut above the rest with this unique accessory.

patchwork clutch patchwork bag patchwork sling

Beautiful in a Basket Bag

Summers are reminiscent of picnics and trips to the park. With that being said, one of the summer bags that you most certainly need to have is the basket bag. Unlike former designs, they don’t look like picnic bags anymore. There are newer styles that can help you achieve the naturalist look this summer.

round basket bag small basket bag basket bag

Wonderful in Wood

Wood is often seen in furniture, but it makes for a good bag trend as well. Imagine the bamboo-handled Gucci bag that you have always wanted. And while it might be expensive, you need not worry as there are many wooden summer bags that are inexpensive as they are classy. In fact, if you’re destined for an Asian or African vacation, you’ll be glad to know that you can purchase a lot of wooden-designed bags in these continents.

wooden bag wooden box clutch wooden bag outfit

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