5 Stylish Ways to Wear Printed Cardigan

An essential fashion piece you need to get you through a lazy day, printed cardigan is a stylish reinvention of simple, plain, and neutral cardigan that adds some color and detail in your outfit. Aside from them being great warmers, they will also add a chic look that you can have with limited set of clothes. In case you’re thinking of stylish ways to incorporate them to your typical outfit, keep on reading fir our 5 stylish tricks.

  1. Casual Street Style

tribal print cardigan with casual outfit

casual outfit with knee boots and printed cardigan casual jeans with printed cardigan

If boyfriend jeans, tank top, skinny jeans, casual tee and such are your typical outfits for your street style, just top it off with a printed cardigan and you’re good to go. Make sure to choose an interesting print like tribal, chevron, stripes, or even an abstract one to keep the eyes busy and away from taking in the rather boring outfit you have underneath. Model Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing a printed cardigan in her white tee, ripped jeans, and patent boots outfit on her street looks.

  1. Modern Bohemian Style

boho chic outfit with hat corduroy flared jeans with tribal print top printed cardigan with flared jeans

If you wish to show off your bohemian vibe through your outfit, enjoy those tribal and boho-printed cardigans. You may actually find unstructured cardigans that are fluid or oversized, patterned and very warm and cozy. Bohemian fashion is known for its earth tone palette, tribal patterns, and even retro floral prints that you may go for. Just pair them with boho-inspired pieces like a pair of flared pants, fringe bag, boho-hat, and even suede boots to complete your modern bohemian looks.

  1. Eclectic Fashion Style

colorful skirt with printed cardigan eclectic cardigan with colorful sneakers quirky cardigan with colorful outfit quirky print cardigan with houndstooth skirt

If you’re a fan of colorful and quirky prints, channel your playful and eclectic vibe through your printed cardigan. There are cardigan styles with mixed prints, quirky prints, and unconventional designs that can complement the vibe you’re aiming for. Better look for ones with bold colors, ones with unexpected color combinations, and ones with abstract prints. Most of the patterns are in high contrast colors which make them extra bold. But, subtle patterns in low contrast colors work just as well. Indeed, wearing printed cardigans is a great way to add more color and detail to your outfit. Just polish your looks with coordinating eclectic ensembles like a fussy skirt, quirky top, or novelty print dress.

  1. Sophisticated and Chic Style

chic cardigan with sleek pants and heels kimono cardigan with flared pants knitted cardigan with turtleneck and white jeans knitted cardigan with white outfit stripes cardigan with classic outfit

Anything neutral and chic ensemble will go well with a subtle print cardigan. Wearing a monochromatic palette in your outfit looks timeless and chic while it makes you slimmer too. If you’re wearing feminine skirts, chic dresses, and dressy pants, cardigans can also add a soft touch to your look, making it perfect to top off your girly outfits with.

  1. Edgy Fashion Style

urban chic outfit with boots knitted cardigan with striped top and leather pants Aztec print cardigan with skinny jeans

If you don’t like looking too sweet and feminine, you can mix and match your printed cardigan with ‘tougher’ fabrics like dark-colored denim or leather to get a more balanced look. If you’re looking for a dramatic touch to add to your edgy outfit, a maxi cardigan may great for you. With its gorgeous fabric flowing at floor length, a maxi cardigan is sure to add lots of movement to your outfit. However, prefer them in shorter lengths if you’re petite as it may swamp your frame making you look shorter than you are. Your outfit will look edgier when worn with boots, adding some structure to your outfit.

Indeed, incorporating printed cardigan on your street looks make you express your individuality and fashion personality even more.

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