5 Stylish Ways to Wear One Shoulder Tops and Dresses

Looking impeccable and stylish is our goal when choosing for clothes for our street style. Sexy and trendy, one shoulder tops and dresses are great for showing off your body without looking too revealing or provocative. If you’re looking for stylish ways to pull them off glamorously, keep reading on our 5 stylish tips on wearing these trendy and sexy ensembles.

  1. Get the perfect fit that flatters your body shape.

metallic halter dress

one shoulder jumpsuit with chic shoes sexy top with chic shorts

These styles of tops and dresses have a beautiful neckline that unfortunately does not suit every body shape, especially if you have short neck or big breasts. So, before giving up on this style, get the perfect fit that flatters your body shape. Getting a great shape mostly lies on the great fit of your underwear or bra underneath. Go for seamless and strapless styles as sequins or pearls won’t look great under a gorgeous one-shoulder top or dress. There are one shoulder styles that cut your neck visually as well as ones that reveal your collar bones excessively. Whichever styles you’re going for, opt for ones that will look great on you whether you have narrow or broad shoulders, or short or long neck. There are off shoulder tops and dresses with built-in pads to give your shoulders a more structured look.

  1. Opt for the fabric that looks great on your frame.

Angelina Jolie in sexy silk dress asymmetrical frayed denim with skirt halter maxidress with lace up sandals one shoulder top with distressed jeans

Chiffon, lace, leather, cotton, wool, or knits will look great or awful depending on your body type. If you have a well proportioned look, you may go for softer fabrics that will hug your body shape without looking too tight or too heavy on you. However, if you’ve got that straight body type, better opt for stiffer fabrics to add some volume to your shape as clingy and form hugging ones will only accentuate your straight figure more.

  1. Play with balance and proportions on your silhouette.

asymmetrical dress with heels boots and glasses with asymmetrical dress feminine one shoulder top with chic shorts halter ruffle blouse

Since the style of your neckline is fashionable enough, don’t try to cover it up with layers. The goal of this type of tops and dresses is to show off your gorgeous shoulders so there are no reasons at all for you to cover them up with blazers or cardigans. So play with balance and proportions on your silhouettes instead. If you wish to add volume on your bust line, go for one shoulder tops and dresses with ruffles or voluminous lace. When wearing loose top, make sure to have your waist visible by wearing waist fitting skirts, or else, your waist will look as wide as your hips.

  1. Pick the color and prints that conceal your flaws and flaunts your assets.

asymmetrical neckline dress asymmetrical top with white jeans one shoulder crop top with printed skirt paneled one shoulder dress statement one shoulder top with high waist skirt

Always remember that light colors highlight and dark colors conceal. So if you have a fuller bust, better opt for darker shades of black, navy, or burgundy while smaller bust will look better with lighter shades of white, yellow, or even stripe patterns. Have fun showcasing creative prints like geometric, abstract, novelty, and quirky ones to show off your playful vibe. However, if you wish to keep your looks classic, stick to stripes, chevron, houndstooth, polka dots and such.

  1. Wear your most stylish accessories.

white asymmetrical dress mustard high slit dress chic necklace and belt with one shoulder dress casual outfit with hat and gold accessories

The secret weapon of every stylist is a belt that accentuates the waist and really flatters your body giving you an illusion of a sexy hour-glass shape. Aside from belts, simple accessories that wouldn’t interfere with your beautiful neckline will be great. If your top or dress is already embellished by sequins or gems, just go with small accessories so you wouldn’t overdo your outfit. If on the contrary the dress is just simple, you may go for a pair of statement earrings that will give you a more exotic look.

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