5 Stylish Ways to Wear Culottes Trend

If you’re thinking that you need to be rail thin and have a model height in order to pull-off culottes, you’re wrong. Though voluminous short pants may seem intimidating, there is a pair of culottes out there for you waiting to be made into a fashion statement. So, whether you’re tall, petite, straight, or curvy, keep on reading for stylish ways to make this culottes trend work for you.

  1. Treat your culottes as a skirt and go from there.

all white outfit with heels

black blouse with white culottes silk culottes with off shoulder top striped culottes with tank top

If you got some anxiety in styling your culottes, think of tops that you’ll wear with an A-line skirt since a pair of roomier culottes might be easily taken for a skirt. Tank tops, spaghetti tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, feminine blouses, pussy bow blouse and such are great to complement your outfit. You can also make them go undercover in an all-black look. Just polish your looks with chic accessories like chic sunglasses, structured bags, heeled sandals, classic pumps, and even jewelry that can take you from casual to office outfit. If you’re wondering where’s the best place for your culottes to fall on your legs, mid-calf will be the best as it will give the appearance of wearing a swingy skirt. But, if you’re on the petite side, go for a pair that falls right below the knee to avoid swamping your frame.

  1. Play with volume.

culottes with paneled top flowy top with white culottes mid-calf culottes with cutton down shirt striped top with culottes

While the width and length of culottes can vary, the pants are usually high-waist that can be ideal to match with crop tops to make them look more balanced and in proportion. It doesn’t have to be a crop top for always, but your tops should fall above your hips so your midsection wouldn’t look wider as your legs. When wearing longer tops at the same time voluminous, tuck your top in to avoid looking baggy or sloppy. Another way to wear them is with a tucked in blouse, which is a great look for the office. No-one says you can’t wear culottes with an oversized top as the look can be cool if volumes are properly considered. This is a must especially if you have a petite frame and afraid that culottes might overpower you completely. If tucking in that shirt won’t cut it, get inventive by wearing a stiffer top or cuff the sleeves to pull out just the right amount of fabric to let you move. Just don’t be afraid to play with proportions and take every opportunity to emphasize your waist so you’ll soon see culottes with new eyes.

  1. Color-coordinate your outfit.

feminine top with culottes lace culottes with lace top red V-neck blouse with black culottes white culottes with camel coat

Work in the harmony of colors of your pair of larger than life culottes, a feminine top, or even a classic coat by opting for neutral shades or classic colors. Stick to classic colors like black, white, navy, khaki, brown and such. Or if you may, go for a monochrome look that can make you look taller even wearing culottes. And, to keep the unstructured look from visually drowning you, play up the accessories like pearl earrings, gold cuff, chic sunglasses, structured bag, knitted shawl, stylish shoes and such to bring a touch of femininity to this edgy ensemble.

  1. Throw on your stylish outerwear.

blazer with culottes and classic pumps blazer with culottes coat with monochrome outfit fur coat with checkered top and culottes

You may add a structured blazer, trench coat, fur jacket, cardigan and such to give some balance to your looks. A blazer with a sleek, impeccable fit will easily balance out any pair of culottes. Just refrain from wearing monochrome outfit head-to-toe when wearing culottes and bulky outerwear as it may only add some pound to your look. Instead, go for a lighter shade of outerwear than your top to give you a leaner frame.

  1. Wearing culottes well is all about your shoes.

feminine shoes with peach culottes brogues with culottes and lace top animal print sandals with culottes and turtleneck

Since culottes are cut shorter than dress pants, take its advantage to show off your statement shoes. You may go for ladylike options like heeled sandals, boots, wedges, classic pumps and such. You may even opt for a pair of nude heels to instantly elongate your shape that’s perfect for culottes.

With their massive volumes and questionable lengths, culottes are the type of clothing that scares women instantly. If you too have been putting off actually getting a pair of culottes, now is the time to change your mind as you already know how to style them stylishly.



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