5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Turtleneck this Winter

A turtleneck is one of the finest staples you can ever have in your closet. However, wearing your turtleneck the same way everyday (especially this winter) can make you look like a tired, out-of-fashion lady. Don’t let this be the case! Reinvigorate your image with these stylish ways to wear a turtleneck this winter.

Love thy Layers

Because of this bitter winter, one of the stylish ways to wear a turtleneck is to wear one over another! A turtleneck over turtleneck combo is one of the hippest pairings you could ever try this season. For best results, go for contrasting styles or colors. A floral turtleneck over a striped one… why not? Remember, the possibilities are endless with winter fashion.

double turtleneck outfit

turtleneck over turtleneck

More Layers Please

The turtleneck over turtleneck equation is just one of the many stylish ways to wear a turtleneck this winter. If you want more dressing ideas, then why not layer your turtleneck top with other pieces? Be it a vest, long-sleeved top, or chambray shirt, your turtleneck can serve as the perfect fashion base for your winter outfits. The more layers, the better – especially if you want to beat the cold this winter season!

layered turtleneck layered turtleneck outfit


A jumper might be reminiscent of your youth, but this bottom has made a fashion comeback as of late. Enjoy its fame while you can by wearing a turtleneck top with your jumpsuit. Be it denim or leather, this pairing is one of the stylish ways to wear a turtleneck this winter. After all, it will give you that much-needed fashion break from the usual jeans and leggings.

turtleneck with jumper turtleneck and jumper

Dress it Up

Wearing your turtleneck with your pants or skirts is definitely safe, but if you want to break out of your fashion comfort zone, then dress it up! By that I mean wear your turtleneck under (or over) your favorite dress. This is definitely one of the most stylish ways to wear a turtleneck this winter, as you will be able to wear the summer/spring pieces that you have kept in your closet for so long.

turtleneck and dress turtleneck with dress

It’s All About Balance

Fashion is all about balance. If your turtleneck is more on the skimpy side, then one of the stylish ways to wear a turtleneck is to wear it with a loose or flowy bottom, such as an A-line skirt. However, if you own a loose, billowy turtleneck, then make sure to pair it tight-fitting bottoms, such as skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

loose turtleneck and skinny jeans loose top and pencil skirt turtleneck and skirt

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