5 Stylish Dress and Boots Pairings to Get You Through the Season

When you think of wearing a dress, you usually think of pairing it with heels, right? This combo has been tried and tested to help women all over the world achieve that gracious ladylike vibe. If you want something different and something a little more adventurous, however, why not try wearing your dresses with another kind of footwear? Sneakers and dresses have been quite the trend recently and, now, boots and dresses are becoming a fave among style stars and fashionistas so why not give this combo a try? Here are a few stylish dress and boots pairings that will get you through the season in style.

  1. Boho dress and charol-ish boots – the combination of a hippie looking sheer Boho dress and shiny charol-ish boots make for the perfect laidback dress and boots combo that you can wear on a lazy weekend. If it’s cold, just layer it up with a cool denim jacket and you’re good to go.boho-dress-and-shiny-boots
  2. Maxi dress and comfy boots – maxi dresses are usually worn with either sandals or heels, but why not give it a bit of twist this winter and wear it with boots? It’s not a very common combo but it is one that works so well. You can wear your maxi dresses with any kinds of boots, but I personally suggest going for your comfiest pair, especially if you’re trying to battle the cold.maxi-dress-and-boots-outfit maxi-dress-and-suede-boots
  3. Slouchy sweater dress and thigh high boots – looking for the perfect shoe to wear with that fabulously slouchy sweater dress? Do as the style stars do and wear yours with a sexy pair of thigh high boots. This combo is guaranteed to give you a look that’s sexy without making it look like you’re trying too hard. What’s great about this look is that it’s very easy to layer as well. Throw a scarf around your neck or wear tights underneath your dress for extra warmth without worrying about having too much going on in your look,sweater-dress-and-thigh-high-boots-with-coat sweater-dress-outfit
  4. Midi dress and ankle boots – if you’re a tall girl who’s trying to downplay her height, this dress and boots combo might just be the perfect one for you. A midi dress paired up with ankle boots can help streamline your silhouette and downplay your height without drawing attention towards any flaws you might have.midi-bodycon-and-ankle-bootsmidi-dress-and-black-ankle-boots midi-dress-and-ankle-boots
  5. Slip dress and boots – here’s the last dress-and-boots pairing idea for this post: a slip dress and boots. If a rocker chic kind of vibe is what you’re going for, then this is definitely a combo that you should try. Wondering how you can pull off a slip dress in the winter? The secret is in layering your look.slip-dress-outfit slip-dress-and-boots-layered-look


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