5 Style Tricks Only Fashion Women Will Get

If you consider yourself a fashionable person, you might have some top-notch styling tricks up your sleeve. Whether it’s a high concept or basic, simple tweaks can totally work in your wardrobe. But new inspiration never hurt anyone, so keep on reading for the 5 style tricks only fashion women will get.

  1. Treat your skinny jeans just like a pair of leggings.

jeans with white flowy shirt

white jeans with tunic and pastel blue vest white jeans with pastel top and jacket ripped jeans with striped shirtdress

Jeans can be worn in any style you want as it can be teamed with loose tops, crop tops, lace tops and so on. On the other hand, leggings are a bit risky so they’re only advised to wear with longer tops and dresses. So, turn the tables around by wearing your jeans just like a pair of leggings that will look a bit unexpected yet fashion-forward. Trade your leggings with a pair of skinny jeans when wearing tunic dresses, long tops, button-down shirts, loose tank tops, and shirtdresses.

  1. Wear loose tops with loose bottoms.

boxy top with looase pants and coat pearl choker with gold slip on with minimalist outfit palazzo pants with loose top gray top with loose pants

Fashion rules have taught us to keep everything sleek and balanced, including wearing skin-tight bottoms with loose tops and vice versa. However, street style stars and fashion icons are now spotted wearing the oversized, slouchy, and billowy structures head to toe. When wearing the challenging look, always add some structure to your outfit whether it’s a coat, jacket, or bag to avoid looking sloppy. Also, think of wearing a sophisticated necklace, a pair of gold sandals, or elegant jewelry that will bring back the polished vibe in you.

  1. Tie a jacket or shirt around your waist for an effortlessly cool vibe.

overalls with denim jacket and sweater white blouse with knotted cardigan shirtdress with jacket sporty cool outfit

Tying your shirt or jacket around your waist is not only functional to keep you hands-free while keeping your topper handy. It also adds some effortlessly cool vibe to your style whether you’re wearing a sporty cool outfit or a chic feminine dress. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, simply tie your denim jacket around your waist when wearing overalls with a sweater to avoid looking bulky.

  1. Wear a structured blazer without a button-down shirt.

borrowed from boys outfit tuxedo blazer with skinny pants tuxedo blazer with brooch and choker-scarf pastel blue business suit

Tuxedo blazers were originally worn by men that are now common in women’s wardrobe. To make the look more intentional and sexy, think of wearing your structured blazers or tuxedos without a camisole or button-down shirt beneath. However, be careful wearing this style especially if you’re well-endowed to avoid looking inappropriately sexy on the streets. Like street style star Christine Centenera, think of a skinny scarf that drapes around your neck which will make everything stylish at the same time giving you enough cover.

  1. Crop your tops with a knot.

cropped top with wide leg pants cropped top with white skirt cropped tee with jeans and cardigan cropped silk top with chic pants

Though tucking in and tucking out your tops can be polished and fashion-forward, fashion women know how to give their look some effortlessly cool vibe simply by cropping their tops with a knot. You don’t have to resort for crop tops all the time as long as you know how to create this style. Indeed, simple tweaks on your outfits can make a big difference to look original, stylish, and fashion-forward.

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