5 Street Style Tricks from Anna Dello Russo

Born in Bari in Southern Italy and now lives in Milan, Anna Dello Russo is a fashion editor of Vogue Japan and over-the-top street style legend known for her creative, statement-making, and avant-garde looks. She has been described by Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac” that her street style looks are often featured in popular street style blogs like The Sartorialist and Tommy Ton. Looking for inspiration how to be a “passionate fashionista” like Anna Dello Russo? Keep on reading to learn our 5 street style tricks from her.

  1. Go for eye-catching colors and textiles.

bright green dress with fur bag

pastel pink fur coat with white dress patent red coat with pants rainbow striped dress silver sequin coat with mini clutch

Anna is a fan of eye-catching colors as she picks bright green, bold red, metallic silver and such in her dresses when she wishes to make a statement instantly. To make her style more statement-making, she goes for shiny and glossy textiles like patent leather, silk, satin, embellished brocade, and even sequin to give her street style some flair. If you wish to make a statement without wearing these bright and flashy colors, as well as avant-garde textiles, you may still go for soft pastel shades like Anna did. Just go for touch enticing fabric like a fur coat to top your white lace dress making your looks glamorous but not over-the-top.

  1. Wear prints and patterns that convey your personality.

abstract print dress with lace up sandals printed coat with colorful bagbaroque print dress with feather headband leopard print coat with lace dress and basket bag mcdo outfit with structured bag printed coat with sneakers

To make your style bolder, go for abstract and creative prints like Anna did. Wearing a leopard print coat may seem glamorous and fierce, but Anna gave her style some twist by opting for a leopard print coat with unexpectedly colorful details to wear with her white dress, and spiced her outfit with a woven rattan basket bag making it look more folklore and stylish. Watercolor prints, brushstroke prints, baroque patterns, as well as quirky food chain logos, can make your style a bit unexpected and unique. Just go for prints and patterns that convey your personality and leave those who don’t.

  1. Opt for exaggerated cuts and silhouettes.

green cut out dress with statement heels patent leather jacket with black dress and platform boots red sweater with statement skirt ruffled black dress with strappy sandals statement outfit with cute bag and quirky shoes studded black dress with ankle strap sandals

Anything exaggerated looks unique and statement-making. Like Anna, you may look for dresses with oversized ruffles, skirts with exaggerated frills, tops with oversized ornaments, and even dresses with unexpected cuts and studs. These designs may look classy and elegant in moderate styles, but making your outfits’ cuts and silhouette exaggerated, you’re giving your street style some edge to make a statement in a creative and unique way. Just keep your accessories simple and muted so you’ll not look over-the-top.

  1. Select avant-garde pieces to make a bold statement.

avant garde denim dress with quirky bag avant-garde dress avant-garde top with pink skirt avant garde coat with pink boots and colorful bags

Meant to be worn in high-fashion and editorial photoshoots, avant-garde pieces are Anna’s favorite picks for her street style. Patched fabrics, frayed denim, and even furred coats are some of her prestigious looks. Her outfits are bold and statement-making that you need some courage and confidence to pull them off. Like Anna, always go for avant-garde pieces that you’re comfortable in and showcase your personality so you wouldn’t look like heading to a photoshoot with your costume on.

  1. Go for interesting and unique accessories to spice up your outfit.

basket bag with white dress feather headband with fur coat quirky boots with white dress and leather jacket statement gold belt with patent burgundy dresspink boots with gray coat and cute bag floral dress with blue sunglasses

Anna sometimes makes her street style simple and muted, but brings some interest to them by selecting her statement-making accessories. Like her, you may bring some quirky and folklore vibe to your outfit by wearing a feather headband with your fur coat, or a woven basket bag with your lace dress. This way, you’ll look perfectly styled while keeping your colors muted and your style simple.

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