5 Statement-Making Ways to Wear Colors and Prints This Fall with Veronica Popoiacu

Colors and prints can add some fun to your looks, making your style more artistic, creative and even statement-making. Mind behind the Bittersweet Colours blog, Veronica Popoiacu is a Romanian style blogger currently living in PA, USA known for her artistic and creative style featuring statement-making combinations of colors and prints. According to her, she studied art and always had the desire to express herself. “At first, it was on a small dimension, later, a piece of canvas turned into a big picture,” she said. If you’re looking for style inspiration this fall to make those colors and prints make a statement for you, keep on reading to scoop some of Veronica’s tricks.

  1. Start with a colorful statement necklace.

all white outfit with mustard coat and leopard pumps with blue tribal necklace

red coat and top with checkered pink pants and eccentric necklace statement pom pom necklace with green sweater and printed skirt

Whether you’re a pro on mixing unexpected color combinations or play safe with neutrals, wearing a colorful statement necklace will pull together your outfits. Like Veronica, dare to wear an avant-garde wooden necklace with colorful designs and team with your bold red coat and printed pink trousers. Or, think of adding some spice to your all-white outfit teamed with a mustard coat by wearing a blue tribal necklace. You may go for colorful pom pom necklace like Veronica, or go romantic with a colorful jeweled necklace that will do the same bold statement for you.

  1. Team your neutral ensembles with a bold color or print.

colorful pants with black leather jacket and camel bag brown coat with orange pants and hat all white outfit with burgundy coat and yellow clutch

Wearing your neutrals with a bold color or print is the timeless way of looking polished on your street style. Like Veronica, you may think of wearing your all white outfit with a burgundy coat and a yellow clutch, or your brown coat with orange pants and hat. This way, you’ll be able to wear a bold color without looking flashy on your looks since your neutral shade neutralizes your overall look.

  1. Keep the color combinations on your non-neutral shades low contrast.

pastel coat with turquiose pants and nude pumps olive green military knit dress with burgundy boots

If you’re going to skip neutrals on your color combinations, think of keeping your non-neutral shades low contrast to keep everything sleek yet creative. Teaming a dark color with a dark shade and a light color with a light shade will create a low contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes. On the other hand, wearing stark color with a dark shade will create high-contrast that can be intimidating, making your outfits catchy in a non-positive way. Like Veronica, think of teaming an olive green dress with burgundy boots, or wearing your pastel blue coat with turquoise pants that will create harmony to your looks.

  1. Pick two non-neutral shades that will go well with your one printed piece.

mustard coat with blue sweater and brown trousers purple dress with printed green scarf and red bag with shoes mustard sweater and burgundy leather pants with printed shirt and yellow bag

Though you can choose whatever combinations you like to wear, keeping your two non-neutral shades low contrast can be great to incorporate a printed piece without looking flashy on your style. Like Veronica, think of wearing a purple dress and a red bag, which is low contrast, with a printed green scarf that will add some pop to your outfit.

  1. Mix your prints and patterns like a pro.

checkered shirt with printed skirt and mustard pumps

Wearing prints of the same shade with different prints and different shades of the same prints is the classic way of wearing the trend. As long as you’re creative and artistic enough to make combinations on your colors and prints, you’ll make a bold statement this fall season while looking playful on your street style.

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