5 Sleek Ways to Wear Oversized Coats

Oversized coats may be trendy, but wearing them in a polished and sleek look can be challenging. Though it’s hard for an oversized fit not to be mistaken for poor fit, you must style them to look intentional, fashion-forward, and trendy. If you’re looking for sleek ways to wear oversized coat, keep on scrolling for our style guidelines.

  1. Wear your oversized coats and matching outfits in darker shades to look elegant.

oversized coat with skirt and boots

oversized coat with sporty chic outfit skinny jeans with black coat and clutch

Since black is the color of elegance, you can add some sophisticated touch to your outfit when you keep them in black or other dark shades like navy. Just be careful wearing all-black if you’re pale as it may wash you out. Wearing a neutral color like brown or gray can look perfect on your skin tone while maintaining that polished and timeless vibe.

  1. Pick a bright color of oversized coats to make a statement.

oversized green coat with green knitdress oversized pink coat with jeans oversized yellow coat with black outfitoversized coat with maxi skirt

Instead of hiding in dark colors, be bold showing off your oversized coats in cheery and lively colors of yellow, orange, hot pink, purple, bright green, red, cobalt blue and such making your coat as your statement piece. You can still dress monochromatically but to make your coats the focal point of your outfit, have the lighter shade for your oversized coat and the darker shade on your outfit.

  1. Wear a printed or embellished outfit while keeping the oversized coat muted and subdued.

embellished top with oversized coat printed maxi dress with oversized coat printed outfit with oversized coat

To draw the eyes from the oversized structure of your oversized coat, you may pair them with printed or embellished outfits that look more eye-catching and statement making over them. This way, the lookers will just glance on your printed outfit rather than noticing the oversized silhouette of your coats. So while you may feel chunky in an oversized coat, it has its practical advantages like keeping you warm in the chilly season while maintaining your sleek and trendy looks.

  1. Wear your oversized coat with fitted pieces.

leather trousers with oversized coat oversized coat with chunky heels skinny pants with oversized coat and animal print bag skinny pants with oversized coat

To add some structure to your oversized coat, wear them with fitted pieces like a pencil skirt, fitted top, or skinny jeans. Other fashion forward and trendy coat styles are a lot more oversized with dropped shoulder seams, waist surrendering cocoon silhouettes, round shoulders, roomy sleeves, low stances and huge lapels that can be balanced with your sleeker and fitted pieces. This way, you’ll look more balanced and proportional that can make a statement.

  1. Wear the oversized trend by wearing oversized pieces all together to make it look intentional.

oversized coat with oversized outfit oversized coat with flared pants blue scarf with oversized coat

To make your street style look trendy, wear the oversized trend by wearing your oversized coats with oversized knitwear, flared pants, baggy boyfriend jeans, and oversized top. You also have to feel great and show your confidence in the shape of the coat by wearing the look intentionally. However, be careful if you’re petite as it completely overwhelms your frame. So, select the style of coats that work for you like collarless styles, mid-thigh lengths, tapered structures, and narrower armholes. If you’re not comfortable wearing oversized pieces altogether, then opt for a huge scarf that can still complement your theme.

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