5 Skirts for Every Body Type

Have you ever fallen in love with a certain skirt style at first sight only to find out that it doesn’t really look that good on you once you get to try it on? I know all of you out there have had this experience at least once (I have) and I know how frustrating this can be. Some skirt styles, while totally hot and on trend, are not always universally flattering. Here is a guide to skirts for every body type to help you out with that dilemma.

  1. Skirts with ruffles – skirts with ruffle details on them are perfect for creating volume and adding some texture into your look and it’s the best skirt style / type for women who have a linear / rectangular figure. If you have a straight figure with very minimal curves, reach for skirts with ruffles to soften up the silhouette, add some curves and some volume to your look.ruffled hem skirt gray
    ruffled black mini skirt and black top
  2. Miniskirt – if you’re looking to create an outfit that’s chic and sexy, your best bet would be a miniskirt. Ladies who have a petite figure are the best candidates for wearing miniskirts. These types of skirts can help create the illusion of longer legs which, when paired with heels, can really help petite ladies look taller.miniskirt high waisted denim miniskirt with brass buttons matching coat
  3. Pencil skirts – if you’re a curvy gal and you have that perfect hourglass body shape, make sure you play up your assets by wearing a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts can really help enhance your curves, creating a sexier and more balanced silhouette. And while this is the type of skirt you’d typically wear to the office, you can always dress it down by wearing it with more casual pieces.pencil skirt and gray shirt street style outfit pencil skirt and pink top
  4. Asymmetrical skirt – having asymmetrical cuts in your outfit is a good way to mix things up and add an unexpected twist to your look and an asymmetrical skirt is the perfect way to dress up a tall frame since it streamlines everything and creates an interesting look by playing up your height the right way.asymmetrical drape skirt asymmetrical slit skirt
  5. A-line skirt – the A-line skirt is, in general, very flattering and easy to pull off and while every body type / shape can enjoy this skirt style / silhouette, ladies who have more of that pear body type are the ones who benefit best from this particular style since it is perfect for putting emphasis on the curves and balancing out the body shape.a line suede skirt coachella outfit a line skater skirt in black with camel jacket


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