5 Simple Truths on Fashion That You Must Know

Whether you’re a fashion-forward woman that always keeps up with the trends, or a woman who’s just developing your personal style, keep on reading for the 5 simple truths on fashion that you must know.

  1. Style is entirely different to fashion.


classic-outfit-with-bowler-hat green-stiletto-pumps-with-printed-top-and-skirt

Sometimes, the style and fashion terms are used interchangeably. Just because you have an interest in, or engage heavily in the pursuit of fashion doesn’t mean you have style. You may have style, too but doesn’t immediately follow it. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may have an eye for classic yet modern ensembles that keep you chic and polished all the time. However, she always knows where to add a pop of color or interest to make her style unique.

  1. Following trends doesn’t mean looking fashionable all the time.

futuristic-outfit-with-heels graphic-print-dress-with-flared-pants

Runway looks may be fascinating but they’re often unrealistic and un-wearable on the streets. Also, it is concerned with “what’s out there” or fashion items available for purchase in the stores. Fashion trends often look creative but a bit extravagant and unusual and following all of them will make your looks trendy yet not fashionable and presentable all the time. On the other hand, style is the relationship to your individuality. Before following trends, you have to ask yourself first if your clothing ‘match’ your sense of who you are.

  1. Fashion can be purchased.

flared-pants-with-knitted-dress printed-pants-with-crop-top

Anyone, even those on very tight budgets know that fast and cheap fashion is so readily available. However, fast fashion clothing chains offers cheap items often of obviously poor quality that will give you a fashion fix, if that’s what you’re after. On the other hand, style can’t be purchased in a store.  You can buy individual items that contribute to your overall style, but you cannot go into a store and ask for style, which isn’t available for sale. Remember, style is more than the items you wear as it’s an attitude, self-expression, and unique aspect of you.

  1. A timeless and functional wardrobe can’t be done by shopping at fast-fashion stores.

brocade-skirt-with-blazer yellow-outfit-with-hat green-bag-with-trench-coat

Many of the fast fashion chains pride themselves, and use as key marketing messages, the quickness and frequency new items are brought into their stores.  If you want your fast fashion fix, you can get it multiple times a week, if you want. On the other hand, style is slow as you can’t go out in a single shopping expedition and purchase a stylish and functional wardrobe. Style takes time and it must be cultivated, collected, and created.

  1. Fashion takes our attention away from your personal style.

neon-yellow-dress-with-chanel-bag green-pajama-matching-set

When your focus is on fashion, the emphasis is on the clothing, the items deemed to be fashionable. On the other hand, the style brings the attention directly to you. When your interest is in style, the emphasis is on the person, not on the garment. Remember, fashion can be away to distance yourself from yourself by following the trends, not the things that you love. On the contrary, style is a way to make closer your relationship to yourself, as its focus and orientation is on the self and how it’s informed and expressed by clothing choices. By considering these simple truths, you’ll have a more functional and fashionable style in your own way.

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