5 Signs You’re Shopping Wrong (and How to Do It Right)

Shopping is one of the most rewarding experiences to treat yourself after losing some weight, achieving some goal, or distressing yourself. Whether it’s mindlessly searching the fashion boutiques, or looking for thrift gems, keep on reading to know the 5 signs you’re shopping wrong and how to make it right.

  1. You’re shopping at too many stores.

casual chic outfit

tweed outfit with blazer leopard blouse with jeans

Being loyal to a clothing brand or designer items is not only about being a patriotic buyer, but also being practical as you may find some asset in a certain brand that other brand do not have. Stylish people always have a few go-to brands where they get the majority of their stuff. It might seem a little boring, but clothes from the same designer tend to go well together. If you keep in your mind which brand is the best for your jeans, and the other brand for dressy items, you’ll save time and effort.

  1. You keep buying cheap items, instead of saving up for the good stuff.

button front skirt with striped top denim dress with lace up sandals chic blazer with jeans

If you’re looking for sophisticated accessories to dress up your outfits, better save for a good stuff rather than spending too much on cheap items. The last thing you want is for the eye to be drawn to something that looks cheap as it will only drag your whole look down. This is not to say that you have to spend a lot of money to get expensive-looking jewelry but, if there is one area of your wardrobe where saving money may not be in your best interest style-wise, jewelry is the one.

  1. You buy too many different colors and prints, making it really difficult to put together outfits.

graphic print dress with boots suede dress with plain tee printed top with skirt

Printed ensembles are not as versatile as plain pieces. So, the key is to know what colors and prints look best on you. You have to make sure you have neutrals in your wardrobe so you can change your look every time with printed pieces. A printed dress can be styled with a belt or a blazer to change its look, but a plain dress can be more versatile as you can treat it like a skirt, a blouse, or even an outer layer in the colder months.

  1. You are overspending on shoes and under spending on bags.

designer clutch with layered outfit quilted bag with urban outfit printed jumpsut with fringe clutch

Though investing on a quality pair of shoes is encouraged, remember that shoes live on the ground, which means they start getting scuffed once you wear them out of the house. Unless they are particularly fabulous or unusually comfortable, they are really not worth overspending on. On the other hand, bags live longer as they rarely ever touch the ground making them worth the investment that can benefit you for a lifetime.

  1. You let trends dictate how you shop.

statement top with shorts sporty chic sweater with high socks graphic top with blazer and shorts

Remember, trends come and go, so buying silhouettes just because they are trendy won’t serve you for long. If you’re a fan of pencil skirts, you can really never have too many of them, and don’t go binge-shopping for fringed skirts just because they are trendy. Most likely, avant-garde tops and catchy pieces will make a statement for your once, but they’ll easily get outdated. This is not to say that you shouldn’t try new things but just don’t let trends dictate how you shop.

By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to shop smartly and practically without draining your wallet.

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