5 Secrets for Having a Great Style

Having a great style doesn’t happen overnight. Having designer clothes, investment pieces, and expensive-looking shoes can be great but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a great style. We scooped some tricks from fashion experts so keep on reading for the 5 secrets for having a great style and unlock your own.

  1. Having style doesn’t have to mean dresses and heels.

matching tweed blazer and skirt with graphic tee

suede coat and tall boots with denim skirt striped turtleneck sweater with jacket and tulip skirt with sneakers

“Fashion doesn’t mean having to be super girly. I am a tomboy at heart so I like to encourage women like me to experiment with menswear or more casual pieces. One tomboy trend I love is a trench coat with cute sneakers,” says fashion expert Olivia Pierson. Like fashion blogger Ania Boniecka, you may even think of dressing up your graphic tee with a pastel colored matching set of a blazer and skirt that looks unique and statement-making.

  1. Don’t be a slave to trends as they’re just suggestions and not rules.

urban boho outfit with skinny scarf denim tank top and jeans with choker

Regardless of what’s trending at the moment, try to stay true to yourself. However, you must know what you look good in and what you like and stick to that. “Don’t go out and purchase all the latest trends if they are not flattering or don’t go with your personal style. Your style is about taking what is out there and combining it in unique ways that express who you are. It is not about being a clone and looking like everyone else. So don’t take the rules too seriously,” says personal style curator and wardrobe consultant in NYC Diane Pollack.

  1. Get some style inspiration.

graphic print coat with boho chic outfit metallic dress with chic scarf andarchitectural shoes

If you’re just starting to build your personal style, it might be helpful to get some style inspiration. “Sure everyone’s style should be dress to be true to themselves, and not look like someone else but fashion insiders know that style is a journey not a destination. One way to fast-track that is to identify style icons that speak to you. Look for what aspects of their style specifically you relate to. From there put your style into words, to help guide you through the exploration to develop your style,” says Mr. Jones

  1. Don’t forget who’s the boss.

fur sleeved structured outfit with mesh dress ripped jeans with designer valentino shoes

“The most important thing to remember about personal style and fashion is that you are the client. Fashion is here to work to fit you, not to make you work to fit fashion,” says Mr. Hernandez. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, you may think of investment pieces like a pair of designer shoes that can dress up your casual outfit, making the effortlessly cool style look polished.

  1. Stop trying so hard.

lug sole shoes with architectural jacket and modern outfit cozy coat with coasual outfit all black outfit with crisscross sandals

When women are constantly chasing the next trend, they can look like they’re trying too hard. “It’s better to have a true, individual sense of style and for those of us who are navigating between work, family, friends, and a social life, it comes down to balance. Dress simply and have great accent pieces,” says Ms. Morzin. By heeding these tricks from the fashion experts, you’ll be able to have a great style while staying true to your individuality.

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