5 Rising Young Style Stars to Watch Out For

Hollywood is full of style icons and style stars that many of us look up to but if there’s one thing I’m most interested about, it’s the younger generation of stars. Many of the new, up and coming stars are making a name for themselves in many ways. Some through their craft, others through their advocacies and some through their unique and fabulous sense of style. Here are 8 rising young style stars to watch out for.

  • MADDIE ZIEGLER – if you don’t watch Dance Moms (although I doubt you would let yourself miss so much fun), you may know Maddie Ziegler from one other thing and that is Sia’s music videos, especially that of “Chandelier”. Maddie’s style is very fun, young and hip with just the right hint of glam on occasion. She likes to wear bright colors and prints which make her style fresh and always age-appropriate.maddie zeigler as elle corresponder for fashion wk
    maddie ziegler in pink jacket and skirt
  • WILLOW SMITH – what else would you expect from the daughter of a dapper dad and a fab mom? Of course, Willow Smith’s style is amazing! I just love how she’s very brave and bold with fashion and how, at such a young age, she already has her own unique style which is a mix of normcore and posh street style.willow smith norm core style willow smith
  • KIERNAN SHIPKA – this Mad Men star’s style is a wonderful mix of girly and chic. Her outfits are the kind that you would expect to come from one who has had much experience in the fashion department. As far as style goes, I think it’s safe to say that hers has a very Emma Watson-esque vibe to it – feminine, polished and sophisticated with an edge. Whether it’s on the red carpet, on set or off duty, Kiernan’s style never disappoints.kiernan shipka floral dress kiernan shipka
  • BELLA HADID – with a glam mom and an equally glam sister to mentor her, it’s no wonder Bella Hadid is one of the rising young style stars of today. Bella’s style is very sexy and glam. She has a good eye when it comes to details and wears only the most flattering outfits.bella hadid bella hadid in all black
  • MAISIE WILLIAMS – fun and fearless – that’s exactly how I would describe Game of Throne’s star Maisie William’s style. Maisie can rock anything, from a t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit to a slip dress and sandals kind of look and she would still look gorgeous and fab. A style-chameleon in the making, Maisie is already making a name for herself, both as an actress and a style icon.

maisie williams coachella chic maisie williams


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