5 Reasons Your Clothes Look Cheap (and Solutions to Deal with Them)

You don’t have to invest for too expensive clothes just to look expensive on your style. Similarly, just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. If you want to look like you spent a lot more money on your clothes than you really did, you need to know the 5 reasons your clothes look expensive and solutions to deal with them.

Reason # 1 Imperfect fit and slouchy.

slouchy outfit with gray coat

striped romper with white sneakers

A perfect fit is by far the most important factor in making your clothes look more expensive. That’s why shapeless dresses and oversized clothing hardly look expensive. If your waist lack definition and your sleeves are too wide, as well as a shoulder is too narrow and a pant leg is too long or too loose, the piece is going to look cheap regardless of its designer price.

Solution #1 Buy good fitting clothes or get it to a tailor.

all white outfit with tuxedo blazer fitted sweater with checkered pencil skirt

If you have slouchy clothes, you may take it to a tailor to fix them. Simple alterations like hems are generally pretty straightforward and inexpensive, but more complex tailoring can get pricey. If you’re unsure whether your outfit looks polished and sleek, simply top it with a structured blazer.

Reason #2 Complicated prints and in unusual color combinations.

retro floral print dress eccentric button down shirt with shorts

The smaller and more complicated the print is, the more it will look cheap. If you’re aiming for a polished style, skip those quirky patterns, bright floral prints, quirky patterns and such. Also, classic prints like stripes in unusual color combinations like candy stripes or rainbow stripes don’t look expensive.

Solution #2 Focus on simple prints in classic shades.

crop top with striped skirt

When you’re tight on budget, shop for simple prints, like stripes, polka dots, checks, and plaids in neutral shades or classic shades that look elegant and sophisticated. If the prints look messy and cluttered from afar, better skip it.

Reason # 3 Too many embellishments, beadings, and studs on your ensemble.

embellished tank with cut out skirt studded skirt with printed top

Embroidery, sequins, beading, and studs look amazing when they are applied by skilled craftspeople using high-quality materials, but don’t expect that you can find them in thrift stores. Just in case you’ve invested in an embellished designer piece, it would take too much consideration to take care of them and when you start wearing it for real, some embellishments will still going to fall apart, and nothing looks cheaper than a jeweled piece with missing jewels.

Solution # 3 Focus on plain ensembles and resort to accessories that can dress up your outfit.

chic outfit with statement necklace

Don’t make the garment do all the styling work for you. Remember, a plain colored outfit like a little black dress or neutral matching set can be dressed up with necklaces, statement earrings, handbag, and classic pumps.

Reason #4 Gathered seams.

retro floral dress

Gathered seams are a stylish trick to make clothes more forgiving and help hide fit issues that arise when you use flat, smooth seams. However, they easily look cheap especially on dresses, where the structure is very important. Sharply tailored garments are more difficult to make, more expensive, and can be worn by fewer people.

Solution # 4 Resort to clean lines and sharp tailoring.

classic white dress with sling clutch and studded shoes sexy red bodycon dress

So, look for pieces with clean lines and sharp tailoring, and always choose pleats over gathered seams. By going for sharp structures and clean lines, you’ll make your outfit look more expensive. Sometimes a body con dress in an elegant fabric and perfect fit look more expensive than a dress with gathered seams.

Reason # 5 Lace ensembles with a cheap-looking design.

lace trousers with black top sexy black lace outfit

High-quality, handmade lace are used to make wedding gowns and couture dresses. However, if you’re buying at a thrift store, you can hardly find them. Sure, occasionally cheap lace can surprise you, but if your goal is to look like you spent more than you really did, it’s best to leave that $40 lace dress for someone else to buy.

Solution # 5 Go for a fine mesh or a delicate fabric.

burgundy mesh dress with lace up heels elegant blazer with structured skirt

If you can’t find an expensive-looking lace dress, resort for fine mesh or other touch-enticing fabrics that look elegant. Or, try to stick to pieces that use lace only as an accent, instead of all over lace. A lace that is delicate and has a raw, uneven edge that follows the shape of the lace itself instead of being folded over and sewn like any other piece of fabric looks more elegant and expensive.

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